Why all Nigerians suppose support my husband – Titilayo Abubakar



As di date of di 2023 Presidential election dey draw near, efforts by candidates to gain support of Nigerians don dey increase.

Dia wives sef no carry last for di campaign waka as women sef get supporting role to play for goment.

For inside interview wit BBC Yoruba, di wife of Atiku Abubakar wey be di Peoples Democratic Party, PDP presidential candidate Titilayo Abubakar tok why she tink say Nigerians, especially Yoruba pipo suppose support her husband.

Madam Titilayo for di interview tok say, Since democratic goment take charge from di military for 1999, no Yoruba woman don ever become first lady for di Villa.

She say dat na why she wan make all di Yoruba pipo support Atiku Abubakar.

“Me and my husband Atiku, don dey togeda now e don reach 50 years”.

Di wife of di former vice president say di tin wey dey make Oga Atiku wan become president of be say …e wan give back to Nigeria wetin di kontri don do for am.

Di reason be say- “During dia time, dem enjoy free education, na goment send dem go school, dem give dem money and also provide dem job. Dat na why e dey pain am say im ghatz reward Nigerians wit kindness wey im enjoy”.

‘My husband wan do tins for Nigeria’ – Titilayo Abubakar

Titilayo Abubakar Atiku say her husband get mind to fix Nigeria unity wahala, as e be say currently no unity for di kontri.

“As I be now, I be indigene of Osun state, and you sabi say dat time, christains and Muslims dey united and my parents allow me to marry am. But now, tins don change for di kontri wey no know as tins dey go, but my husband get plans to bring back dat time and di unity wey dey den”.

She further tok say her husband get plan to tackle academic strike. According to her, di situation wey go make students stay home for like eight months sake of school strike be part of wetin Oga Atiku say e go resolve.

Mrs Atiku Abubakar also explain say her husband  wan end Boko haram attacks as e be pesin wey dey bring pipo togeda.

“Na pesin wey sabi road go fit show odas di way”. My husband sabi abroad and e sabi pipo, so if e win di election, e go tackle insecurity, Boko Haram go end she add.

 “Wen my husband and Obasanjo bin run goment, No be say I just siddon o, I start one programme wey dem dey call WOTCLEF wey dey help Nigerians wey dem traffic abroad, I bin carry di bill go national assembly dat time and goment put hand na dat bill be NAPTIP now”.  If my husband win, I go kontinu wetin I dey do, she also tok.

Madam Atiku further explain say her husband also get plans to industrialise di kontri wia different companies go set up across di kontri wia youths go dey employed.

“My husband also tok say im go include women and youth for im goment wit 60% quota, e wan carry everybody along  sake of tomorrow wen we di old pipo no go dey in charge again so di youth go fit dey run gomment, madam Titilayo add.

She explain say Nigerians go don sabi say afta graduation, idleness don make some of di Nigerian pikins begin do internet fraud and dem dey traffic women go abroad, but if goment give dem money for business, dem go fit dey turn am over.

“Wen my husband and baba Obasanjo bin run goment, tins dey easy for us, we bin dey buy bag of rice for N7000 but now, na N48,000- N50,000 we dey buy one bag”.

“Una sabi say dat time wen dem run di goment wey e sweet, na my husband bring all di pipo wey dem join hand run am. Pipo like Okonjo Iweala, Nuhu Ribadu El-Rufai and so on. ICPC, EFCC, mobile phones na dia goment bring am”.

If my husband become president, all dis suffereings no go dey again, everytin go dey work accordingly”, Titilayo Atiku Abubakar add.