‘Shanty Town na ansa to my Bell’s Palsy palava’ – Chidi Mokeme

Nigerian Actor, Chidi Mokeme don reveal say im no fit baff and take up smoking 20 years afta im quit to fit into di character of Scar.

Scar na one of di anti-hero for di hit series for Netflix wey dem call “Shanty Town”.

Di series na about one community wey dem dey do prostitution and drugs for di area, di agberos wey dey keep everione in check with jaguuda and di rich pipo wey dey run am underground and benefit from am.

Di movie also get stars like Nse Ikpe Etim, Richard Mofe Damijo, Nancy Isime, Ini Edo wey produce for di first time for dis series.

Wetin Mokeme find come act Shanty town

Since di movie land, actor Chidi Mokeme don get plenti accolade on top how e act di character of Scar for di movie

Scar na agbero wey be di oga of Shanty Town wia im gatz rule with fear as e dey receive order from im rich ogas from back.

E also be di abandoned son of im papa wey be di underground benefactor of Shanty Town and abandon Scar aka Aboderin and im mama for squeaky clean career.

Chidi Mokeme tok say di script hit am with banger wen e first get am na why im bin decide say e go do am.

“Wen dem greenlight di movie say we go fit do am na im I enta ghetto to go see how real agbero be so I go bring am inside my character.”

E further tok about wetin im do to enta di character of Scar more for di feem.

E say, “I bin don stop to dey smoke ova 20 years ago byut Scar dey smoke up to three packs a day. Sometimes sef I go smoke and no baff for a few days before I go set, so wen I dey in character, bring your face near my own as I dey follow you tok, di smell go make you react”.

Chidi Mokeme


Anoda challenge for di series wey in find na di language.

While oga Mokeme sabi speak Yoruba, im bin realise say no be di kain Yoruba wey im dey tok, na im street guys dey follow yarn so e gatz to relearn dem tins.

Mokeme bin proceed tok wetin e don see say go happun to di Nigeria movie industry sake of dis series.

“I no wan sound proud but one of di tins wey don happun in di last 3-4 days since Shaty Town drop be say, our industry don change, all di limitation don dey busted. In di next couple of months you no go recognize dis industry again because of wetin Shanty Town don do dis week.”

Oga Mokeme, bin re-echo fellow co-star, Ini Edo reason why she choose di project make e be her first producing project.

“I bin dey find movie wey be say, e go fit stravel pass Nigeria enta international spaces”.

Nudity no be di koko of ‘Shanty Town’

Apart from di ogbonge performance wey Chidi Mokeme put inside Shanty Town, anoda tin wey pipo follow dey tok about di movie na di nudity.

Co-producer Ini Edo reveal say “we no go just put nudity for tori wey no need am”.

She describe Shanty Town say na series on wetin dey happun around but no be based on any real happenings but “na just wetin dey happun around with di world with fiction inside”.

She also follow respond actress Nancy Isime tok say she use body double for her nude scene, say “I bin no dey set wen dem shoot dat scene but wetin I know be say body double na something wey don dey used for di industry alot”.

Ini Edo


Why Chidi Mokeme neva really act recently

Although Chidi Mokeme say afta all dis time for di industry, e dey select im movies carefully nowadays. E give anoda reason to im silence in recent years -Bell’s Palsy.

E tok di full tori give BBC Pidgin say for 2016, in between Film Festivals for di movie “76”, im bin get im diagnosis.

Mokeme, remember say, “We bin just finish Toronto Film Festival, we bin wan move go di next feem festival, I say make I go meet family for America.

“One day, I come notice say one part of my bodi dey drop, na so we rush go hospital, dem tell me say na Bell’s Palsy”.

E further recall say di doctors say e go take am some years for im face to fully recover and as actor wey dey rely on close-ups, e say “weda you like am or not you no go fit work”.

Mokeme say e take am as e just dey wait for di perfect script no be say something dey do am. E say, “I bin dey even find role wey I fit use di palsy as part of di role character. And as God do am, Shanty Town come”.

Bell’s Palsy na di most common facial palsy wey dey cause temporary weakenss on one side of di face, even though di symptoms dey differnet from pesin to pesin.