How six-month-old pikin die afta im mama allegedly give am Tramadol den go club

Tori from Quarter 9, Likomba, Tiko Sub-division for Southwest region of Cameroon, na say six-months pikin die on Monday afta e mami allegedly give am tramadol make e sleep.

“Pikin no bi well, e bi get side pain, de mami put e for house put fan den go (clubbing) chop life.

She kam for morning weh pikin no di breath again, di woman neighbour and family friend tok. ”

“Wen di young lady kam for morning discover say de pikin don die, e take de pikin go for yi mami e house still for Likomba quarters.

Population start beat yi before e gree say e give tramadol for de pikin for get chance for komot. ” E tok.

No bi de first weh dis ngodere (young girl) di give dis pikin tramadol, na de tin weh e di always do wen e wan go chop life, di neighbour tok.

“De pikin die na out of negligence”, de neighbour tok den deny say di young lady strangle de pikin as some tori don di go up and down.”

Video wey go viral show as pipo gada di young girl dey beat am while anoda pesin hold di lifeless body of di pikin.

Di girl broda report di mata to di council. Army bi first go for check de mata, after Gendarmes weh mayor for Tiko Council send but deh no arrest her, deh consider say na family mata, di neighbour tok.

Di young lady e mami don take her go church make deh pray for yi.

Before dis incident, she bi don komot for e parents e house go rent wen she get belle.

According to sabi pipo, Tramadol na medication wey dem dey use to relieve moderate to moderately severe pain. E belong to a class of drugs wey dey known as opiod analgesics. E dey work in di brain to change how pesin body dey feel and respond to pain.

E also get a risk for abuse and addiction, wey fit lead to overdose and death.

For some kontries for West Africa including Cameroon, Tramadol dey accessible over di counter and young pipo dey abuse am.

Ivo Mua, tok-tok person for Tiko Council say deh di sell tramadol for all side for Tiko and any man fit buyam.