I be di most investigated and di most accused opposition govnor – Tinubu

Bola Tinubu: ‘Pipo dey envy my wealth’
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Di presidential candidate of di ruling All Progressives Congress party say im be di ‘most investigated and di most accused opposition govnor for exclusive interview wit BBC.

“I bi di most investigated, di most accused opposition govnor for eight years and up to 2007.”Bola Tinubu tok

“Since I leave office, I neva collect any goment appointment, I neva collect any goment contract.” Tinubu add

“I Inherit real estates, I turn di values around, I no dey deny my wealth. ” E continue.

Tinubu tok dis one as im answer question on of how e make im money and address oda issues dem.

Nigeria dey prepare for general election next year.

President Muhammadu Buhari go step down for May next year afta eight years in office.

Campaigns dey go on for di kontri as politicians dey travel round di kontri to sell dia ideas.

Tinubu say tins dey go very well for am even though some pipo dey blast am say im no dey too dey do interviews. 

“I believe say I be di front runner for di race dat na why I dey get many arrows”

Despite being say dem dey credit am for reshaping Lagos, Nigeria commercial hub, di question of im personal wealth – and di source – na big point of contention for Nigerians.

Pipo dey claim say e benefit from di state since e comot from office as govnor for 2007. E tok say those allegations dey unproven.

“Na envy,” e tok for im assessment.

Bola Tinubu

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Wetin e go do about insecurity?

Insecurity across Nigeria na also a key issue. Tinubu also adress di mata for di interview.

“Di West never yet feel comfortable enough with a Buhari administration to sell us di arms and technology necessary. We get to look at alternatives – di mass recruitment of individuals for di volunteer army to really clean up di system.”

By dat, e mean say military and security forces go dey beefed up.

Tinubu tok why Nigerians go vote am



Tinubu list tins wey go make Nigerians vote for am as dia next president.

“I dey different, I be Bola Ahmed Tinubu. I be govnor of Lagos bifor, I build a modern state wey fit be kontri on its own.”

E say im administration been dey (prudent) AKA wise.

E say im administration set record wen dem increase Lagos internal generated revenue from 600 million to five billion.

I treat and tame di Atlantic ocean surge for Nigeria, wey for kill many pipo for Lagos.

Di Infrastructural renewal for Lagos dey excellent, continunity dey lagos. 

Tinubu main challengers na Atiku Abubakar from di main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and Labour Peter Obi, among odas.

Wen dem ask am if e get choice to choose one of di two other main candidates, who e go be if e no dey contest e ansa say, e feel say neither of dem dey up to di job.

“Dem no dey as competent as any oda pesin out there. Dem no get track record. None of dem dey qualified except me.” E tok.