‘Goblin mode’ win di most used word of di year

One woman dey tok for fone as her room dey messy

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Many pipo adopt goblin mode, as dem show lazy behaviour, during di pandemic

Oxford University Press don announce di first Oxford word of di year wey dem receive by public votes.

Di wining word na “goblin mode”, na slang and e mean “unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, or greedy” behaviour.

Na one of di three potential choices wey Oxford lexicographers select.

Thousands of pipo manage to drag themselves comot goblin mode to vote, dis phrase win landslide victory wit 318,956 votes, wey  make up 93% of di total vote.

So, wetin goblin mode mean exactly?

According to Oxford University Press wey publish di Oxford English Dictionary, na slang word dem dey often use for expressions like “I dey goblin mode” or “to go goblin mode”.

Dem explain say na “a type of behaviour wey dey unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, or greedy, typically for way wey reject social norms or expectations”.

Di word start to dey appear online for 2009, but e go viral earlier dis year sake of one fictitious headline scandal wey involve actress and model Julia Fox plus one popular Reddit post wey tok say one pesin dey act as goblin.

As kontris relax Covid restrictions, di term continue to grow as pipo realise say dem no wan go back to how tins dey before.

Dis one encourage campaign for im selection, di PC Gamer magazine say make readers to “put aside our petty differences and vote for ‘goblin mode’ ova ‘metaverse’ as di Oxford Word of di Year”, because “goblin mode rules”.

E dey hard to argue wit dat kain logic wen many of us can dey feel like a little goblin-like occasionally.

Dis na di first time, di public go choose di word of di year – dem take dis decision inside year wey organisers describe say dey “more divided than ever”.

Casper Grathwohl, president of Oxford Languages, say pipo do dey embrace dia inner goblin.

He add say: “We bin dey hope say di go enjoy to dey part of di process, but dis level of engagement wit di campaign catch us by surprise.

“Di strength of di response highlights how important our vocabulary be to understand who we be and dey process wetin dey happun to di world around us.

“Given di year we just experience, ‘goblin mode’ resonate  wit  all of us wey dey feel a little overwhelmed at dis point. Na relief to acknowledge say we no always be di idealized, curated selves dem dey encourage us to post on our Instagram and TikTok feeds.”

TV word expert Susie Dent bin say she dey vote for for #IStandWith.

Last year word of di year na vax, e echo di interest in vaccines afta dem release coronavirus vaccine. 

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