How ‘Child actor’ Keke Palmer take announce say she get belle

Hollywood actor, Keke Palmer don announce say she get belle and dey expect her first pikin for 2023.

She make di announcement on Saturday night during di NBC Saturday Night Live show.

She unbutton one long brown jacket to reveal her baby bump – “e get some rumours wey dey go around, pipo dey my comment session dey tok say ‘Keke dey expect baby, Keke don get belle,’ and I wan set di record straight – I get belle.”

Di 29 year old actor don involve for plenty feem and shows. But now she dey take new role as mama.

‘To carry rumour no make sense’

Afta she unveil her baby bump Palmer say rumour no good.

She joke say to dey spread rumour especially for internet no make sense.

“I need to say, e dey bad wen pipo on top internet spread rumours about you. E even worse wen di rumour dey correct”.

“I mean, I bin dey try to keep am low becos e get plenty tins wey dey happun for my life now you know?

“But honestly, dis na di biggest blessing, and I dey so excited. Guys, I go be pesin mama.”

‘Child actor’

Keke Palmer make reference to why pipo go dey surprised say she get belle.

She say dis na becos many pipo sabi her a child actor.

“Even though some pipo feel some how say I get belle and I go get pikin becos I be child actor.

“I just wan say look, I be 29, I don grow … I get my own house, I follow storm di Capitol on January 6, you know? Tins wey adults dey do do.”

Keke Palmer movies

Palmer first acting appearance na for “Akeelah and di Bee” – she act di feem wen she dey 13 years.

Since dat time she remain for di entertainment industry as actress, singer, comedian and TV host.

Some of di feem and shows wey she don feature na;

  • Nope
  • Alice
  • Lightyear
  • The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder
  • Human Resources

For di announcement , Keke Palmer no tok who she get di belle for.