Why President Buhari dey vex for govnors wey dey chop local goment money

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari say some state govnors dey encourage corruption for di local goment system wey don make development for di grassroot level impossible.

Buhari tok during im meeting wit members of di Senior Executive Course (SEC) Number 44 (2022) of di National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS).

E also narrate im personal experience on fighting corruption for local goment system and how some state goments dey treat local goments.

Na Garba Shehu di Senior Special Assistant on media and publicity to di president release di statement.

E quote presido as saying, ‘‘Wetin dem do, dis na my personal experience, if di moni from di Federation Account na about N100 million, dem go send N50 million to di chairman but e go sign say e receive N100 million.

“Di govnor go pocket di balance and share am wit anybodi wey im wan share am wit.

‘‘And den di chairman of the local goment go see see how much e need to pay as salaries and to hell wit development. Wen im pay salaries of di big man, e go pocket di balance.”

Di President say na wetin dey happun be dis and na terrible tin – di pipo wey dey do am na educated pipo.

‘I go act on NIPSS report’

Di president promise to act on NIPSS report on strengthening local governance.

E say im goment go study di recommendation inside di presentation of SEC 44 and implement am.

President Buhari say di report go assist in di provision of good governance to di people at di grassroots levels and win back dia trust in goment.

‘‘E dey obvious say goment no fit afford to pay lip-service to di recommendations wey dey inside dis report.

‘‘I assure you say di report go dey treated wit seriousness and urgency wey e deserve.

“Goment go study di report wit di view to implement di detailed recommendation,” e tok.

‘‘I dey so happy wit di level of knowledge and discipline you demonstrate. Dem tell me about di rigorous training process all of una go tru for Kuru. Your graduation dey well deserved,’’ di President tell di 89 participants of Senior Executive Course 44.

NFIU guidelines to stop mago mago

For 2019, di Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) issue guidelines to reduce mago mago and how dem dey komot local goment moni.

  • Dem impose daily N500,000 cash transaction limit on all di 774 local goments.
  • Dem also prevent banks, financial institutions, public officers and oda stakeholders from tampering wit local goment statutory allocations.
  • Di NFIU vow to deal wit individuals and firms wey dey help in di diversion of di funds.
  • Dem warn say defaulters go face international and local sanctions, and dis one mean say state govnors go dey blacklisted and banks wey dey involved go dey shutdown.
  • Violators no go fit transact business or pay bills for 160 kontris.

According to di agency, di guidelines dey in accordance wit im legitimate powers under di NFIU Act 2018.

Dem tok say any violations of di guidelines go chop appropriate sanction.

Finding show say cash withdrawals and transactions of di State and Joint Local Goment Accounts pose di biggest corruption, money laundering and security threats for grassroots level and to di entire financial system and di kontri as a whole.

Di NFIU fit monitor all financial transactions for di kontri to check for money laundering, and terrorism financing or any potential security threats and dem fit provide regulations for how moni wey suppose dey for grassroot pipo dey go into illegal activities.