‘Di killing don too much’ – FRSC react to death of dia officers wey die on duty

Di Federal Road Safety Corps say dem go prosecute di truck company wey jam and kill dia operatives wey bin dey on duty along di Ikot-Ekpene -Aba Road, on Friday, 25 November 2022.

Oga of di Corps Dauda Ali Biu dey para say di knock down and crushing of patrol operatives sake of “recklessness of some drivers don dey too much.

Di road safety oga for statement tok as im dey mourn di death of two operatives of di corps.

Im promise to arrest di pipo wey dey do dis deadly act and drag dem to face di law.

E add say di accident happun sake of overspeeding.

“I express my heartfelt condolences to di families of di staff wey loss dia lives for active service, wen dem dey assure di public of di resilience and resolve of di corps to make sure say pipo wey dey drive anyhow and get bad driving culture face di law by force”.

“Di corps no go spare anybody wey dey do di deadly act of recklessness for road.” E tok for statement.

Tok-tok pesin for di Federal Road Safety Corp Bisi Kazeem narrate how di accident happun to BBC Pidgin.

E tok say di driver of di DAF articulated truck bin dey try to dodge pothole along di road.

Oga Bisi Kazeem say di preliminary investigation show say di fatal crash involve FRSC Patrol Vehicle and one white coloured truck.

“Di road crash affect a total of eight men, out of di eight, two get serious wounds two die and di remaining four passengers no wound at all.”

“Di pipo wey wound dey for Ikot Ekpene General hospital and di deadibody dey for mortuary inside di same hospital.

“Di patrol team bin dey on dia routine patrol scheduled from di office along Aba -Ikot-Ekpene Road.

Dem bin dey on dia normal patrol wen one trailer wey dey on high speed suddenly see pothole come dey try to dodge am.

E try to dodge di patrol na im e go straight to wia di patrol team park dia motor, e crush di patrol team, level di car, for di process e kill two men while oda pipo wound and dem cari dem go Ikot-Ekpene hospital.” Oga Bisi explain.


‘Di killing don dey too much’

Oga Bisi add say di way trailer dey kill dia operatives wey dey on duty for road don too much.

E say if dem no crush dem, dem go hit dem, e say e be like say di life of road safety operatives no dey important to road users again, sake of say if dem no crush dem, dem go hit dem, or beat or do dem anyhow dem like, and “we no like am at all at all”.

E tell BBC Pidgin say evri life dey important and na why dem dey raise alarm and use dia voices dey do sensitization campaigns to end overspeeding.

E say dem don tell drivers to get di speed limiting device for dia commercial vehicles but dem no dey hear word.

“We dey do advocacy on di speed limiting device make all commercial vehicles get am.

If dis particular driver bn get speed limiting device for im truck im for no dey on top speed, even places wey bad road dey, e get as dem dey use pass am to avoid crash.

According to wetin di Acting Corps Marshall tok, dem go prosecute di truck company and di driver so dat odas go use am learn lesson and e go be warning to dem say human lives no be just numbers wey dem go dey waste.” E tok.

E tell BBC Pidgin say between January and October almost eight of dia operatives don die and many don wound sake of drivers wey dey overspeed for road for different parts

“Even one pesin death dey important to us” Bisi Kazeem tok.