Police give update on viral alleged kidnapping video for Lagos

Police say man wey claim say suspected kidnappers gbab am for bus and oda passengers for Lekki area of Lagos State dey “lie.”

Na wetin tok-tok pesin for police for di state Benjamin Hundeyin tok.

Im tok dis one as im give update ontop di man kidnap video wey bin go viral.

Oga Hundeyin say, “from our investigation so far, e show say every claim for dat video na lie.”

For di video, di man bin narrate wetin e claim say happun afta im enta commercial bus for Iyana-Oworo area for di state.

According to di man wey no tok im name e claim say na afta im enta di bus e discover say some of di pipo inside na suspected kidnappers.

As im dey share im tori, sometin wey look like blood bin dey im nose and face.

E say, “I enta one bus wey dey go Iyana Oworo and I notice one kain smell. Anybody wey don dey for military training or setting go know about gas wey dey knock pipo off. ”  

E continue to tok, e say “I know say na im be dat, so I spit for my handkerchief and use am to cover my nose.”

“In about five to 10 minutes, everi oda passenger for di bus don sleep except members of di team wey all use nose masks to cover dia nose.”

Even though police dismiss wetin di man tok inside di video dem say investigations still dey go ontop di mata.

Dem encourage di man to show for dia office so dat e go help dem wit di investigation.

Oda tins di man tok inside di video

“So, we start to exchange words. I bin no dey rude or anytin but I beg dem to take my phone, Samsung Galaxy S22 wey cost N1.3m and dem fit sell am for N800,000.”

Di man also claim say im offer dem im ATM card make dem empty im account and take im gold necklace but dem no gree allow am comot for di bus.

E say dem carry am go wia dem bin wan kill am pieces im body.

 “Di bus park for one dark place under Adeniji Bridge before dem bring me out. Dem use cutlass, knives and different weapons on me.

I be African man and I dey fortified e tok . Wen dem discover say di knives, dagger and cutlasses no dey cut my body, about three of dem hold my neck and another two hold my hands for my back and dem put knife for my neck to slaughter me but e no penetrate.”

“So, I collect bag wey bin dey for ground, collect knife inside di bag and start to dey wave am recklessly. Na so, e cut one one of dem for belle, one for neck and anoda for eye. Dem begin bleed well-well.

“Dia leader tell dem say dem don get di rest wey dey sleep and say dem go deliver dem and make dem leave me.

Anoda tin e claim for di video na say all di pipo im tok about na northerners.

Dis pipo don enta Lagos State,” im add.

Meanwhile police don advise kontri pipo to go about di business without fear and advice dem say if dem see anytin make dem tok.

Dis dey come as Nigeria dey face many security challenges across di kontri from banditry to kidnapping.

Many pipo don die sake of di security wahala.