Peter Obi and Charles Soludo hug: Soludo meet Peter Obi afta initial gbas-gbos

Afta wetin be like say dem dey quarrel di current and former govnors of Anambra state for Southeast Nigeria be like pipo wey don reconcile.

Foto capture wia Professor Charles Soludo and oga Peter Obi dey hug and shake dia hands for public place for di first time since di govnor write letter say Obi no go fit win di 2023 presidential election.

Di current govnor Soludo bin tok among oda tins say Peter Obi no go win di presidential election for Nigeria next year and im know say im no go win.

Di All Progressives Grand Alliance govnor add say “Peter Obi dey play games and im no go keep quiet about am”.

Dis tok generate plenty controversies and dragging of Soludo ontop social media wey make am respond.

Wia Soludo and Obi meet

Di two leaders from Anambra state meet for Awka on Thursday for St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Dem go attend di Thanksgiving mass for Most Rev. Paulinus Ezeokafor, di Catholic bishop of Awka diocese.

Obi na former govnor of Anambra state – e lead di state between 2006 to 2014 before.

Ahead of di 2023 presidential election Peter Obi emerge as di candidate of di Labour Party. im campaign don attract a lot of young pipo and unusual support.

Gbas-gbos between Soludo and Obi

Recently di two men involve for gbas-gbos.

Di mata start wen govnor Soludo appear for television interview wen e tok say di investment of Peter Obi for Anambra state “worth next to nothing.”

Later, for one long note wey e write, di govnor tok more tins about di presidential candidate.

E say Peter Obi dey play game wit di 2023 election.

“Make we dey clear: Peter Obi know say im no go win and e no fit win.

“E sabi di game wey e dey play and we sabi am too; and im know wetin we sabi,” e tok.

Di govnor add say “di game way e dey play na di main reason why e no gree come back to APGA. Di bitter truth be say na only two pipo and parties dey seriously contest for president: di rest na exciting drama.”

Peter Obi response

Di presidential candidate of Labour party take im time before e reply.

Peter Obi tok im mind wen e dey address some pipo for di Lagos Business School conference on 15 November.

E say goment na continuum – “Soludo na professor wey go fit do tins well.”

“Di one wey dem tok say e dey worthless say we invest $3.5 billion for International Breweries. International Breweries dey part of Ab Inbev, wey be di biggest brewery in di whole world.

“We bin get policy wen I be govnor say any company, foreign investor wey wan invest for Anambra state, we go buy 10 percent of di company.

“Under dat condition, we start agreement wey go give Anambra pipo work to di minimum of not less dan 40 percent,” Peter Obi add.

Soludo and Obi meet

On Thursday di two leaders meet for di public event for Awka, Anambra state capital.

Prof Soludo attend di event wit goment officials including im Deputy govnor, Onyeka Ibezim.

Before di mass for St. Patrick’s Cathedral Awka start govnor Soludo waka go meet Peter Obi to greet am.

Foto from di greeting show how dem dey tok and hold dem sef – dem also exchange some kain tok. But nobody hear wetin dem dey tok.

Peter Obi profile

Peter Obi na politician and businessman.

Im na former govnor of Anambra state for southeast Nigeria.

E serve two term between 2008 to 2016.

Oga Obi bin dey All Progressive Grand Alliance (Apga) before e join PDP for 2017.

Im also be sabi pesin for wetin concern economy matter.

For 2019, e come out as vice presidential candidate of Atiku Abubakar. But dis year 2022 e don decide to go for di president position.

Peter Obi say im administration as president go create jobs, boost Nigeria economy, and improve education.