‘Why men suppose marry more dan one wife’, polygamy advocate

Zainab Umar

Zainab Umar dey do videos to tell men to add more wives

Zainab Umar wey be popular polygamy advocate on social media dey ginger men to marry more dan one wife.

She say women too plenty for di world.

Zainab say she no feel say she go fit marry pesin wey no get anoda wife.

Di 25 year old from Adamawa state for northeast Nigeria for interview with BBC say di reason she dey advocate for men to marry more women na because say women plenty pass men for di world.

She also say polygamy na di only way wey more women for di world go get chance to experience marriage.

“I begin advocate for polygamy long ago becos I feel say women plenty pass men and e no good for man to stick to one wife,” she tok.

Di woman say “E get men wey want add wives but dia wife no allow dem and dis go make di men to get side chicks for outside wey no good at all.

“My whole advocacy na for pesin wit one wife to marry second one, doz wit two to get three and pesin wit three wives should add one more to make am four.”

Zainab tok say contrary to wetin some pipo wey dey follow her advocacy dey tink she no grow up in polygamy as na only her mother her father marry.

Di activist wey some of her videos don circulate across northern Nigeria say most women dey forget di advantages of polygamy na why dem dey vex if dia husband wan add wife.

“For example if your husband get anoda wife, anytime you wan travel anoda wife dey to take care of am and even your children wey go give you peace of mind.”

She also yan say make men remember say dem dey born female children and if dem no allow polygamy e go hard for all dia female children to get husband marry.

She tok say she feel say many more women don dey finally accept polygamy as dem wan just marry unlike before.

Who be Zainab Umar

Zainab Umar

Zainab say her mission na to marry who already get wife

Di 25 year old social media activist come from Adamawa state for northeast Nigeria.

Zainab never marry despite her years of advocacy for wetin concern marriage for social media.

She tok say her dream na to mary pesin wey get either one, two or three wives.

She become popular across northern Nigeria afta some of her videos begin to go viral.

Wen monogamy (one man one wife) first start?

E still no dey clear wen monogamy take start gan-gan for human beings.

However, some anthropologists don look di fact say human beings from before bin dey very sexually dimorphic, wey mean say dem bin dey different shapes and size bin mean say dem bin dey practice non-monogamy.

Dis na on top say different animals wey dey sexually dimorphic dey decide on mates based on strength and sometimes looks we fit give room for dat kain tin.

Also scientists, bin find say di way di Y chromosome bin no dey diverse show say due to non-monogamy, na only few men bin get babes to kpansh around dat time.

We also sabi from archaeology say humans bin stay for small, close extended family groups.

Dis one fit mean say dem dey kpansh around dat group so you no go fit pick genetic siblings.

But some sabi pipo don tok say di reason behind di widespread of monogamy as normal fit dey becos of di media and also ownership of land on top say man bin wan carry dia property give dia future pikin.

And dat na wh dem claim say monogamy and heterosexuality dey “normal”.