Five tins to know about Nigeria new naira notes design

Nigerians still dey react afta goment unveil di new naira notes dem redesign.

Some say di new design of ₦200, ₦500,and ₦1000 naira notes wey President, Muhammadu Buhari just launch resemble di old one.

Na Wednesday, 23 November President Buhari tear rubber di three new designs for Abuja.

Dis na di first time in 19 years di kontri dey redesign her currency notes.

Goment release foto of di new naira notes few weeks afta Central Bank bin announce say dem go change di design.

President Buhari say di new naira notes go improve di economy and help address financial mago-mago dem.

Di new ₦200, ₦500,and ₦1000 naira resemble di old one?

From di foto wey goment release, di new ₦200, ₦500,and ₦1000 naira notes resemble di old one.

But di major physical difference na say CBN change di colour of di new notes.

Security features

Goment say dem boost di security features for di new naira to secure di money.

Dem say dis security features go make am hard for pipo to counterfeit.

Who dey di new ₦200, ₦500,and ₦1000 naira notes?

CBN no change di foto dem for di new notes.

Dem still use di same face of di pipo wey bin dey di old naira note for dis new one.

Di ₦200 note face still be Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello, – dI Sarduana of Sokoto and Di first Premier of Northern Nigeria.

Di face wey dey di new ₦500, still be Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe – first President of Federal Republic of Nigeria

And for 1000, na still Alhaji Aliyu Mai Bornu and Dr. Clement Isong – Dem be di first and second indigenous Govnors of Central Bank of Nigeria.

Who produce di new design of di naira notes?

President Buhari say dem go produce di new naira bank notes locally.

Buhari say na Nigerian Security Printing and Minting (NSPM) PLC go design di new naira notes.

E say di new banknotes go help di Central Bank design and implement beta monetary policy objectives as well as enrich Nigeria heritage.

Wen di new notes go dey in circulation?

Di new naira notes go dey in circulation from December 15, 2022.

CBN say, di new and old currencies go still dey in use as dem go dey in circulation togeda until January 31, 2023.

Meanwhile, oda notes like ₦5, ₦10, ₦20 and ₦50 still dey valid afta di January 31 deadline.

Dem dey valid because goment no change di design of di lower currency wey be polymer notes.

Fotos of di new notes