‘Wetin we take $1billion recovered loot do’, Nigeria goment

Nigeria Goment say dem don recover one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000) since President Muhammadu Buhari administration start from May 2015 till date.

Attorney General of di Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami tok on Wednesday afta di Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting.

Na president Buhari preside ova di meeting for State House, Abuja.

“One of di pillars wey President Muhammadu Buhari goment stand onttop na di fight against corruption and oda tins,” e tok.

Sake of dis, im declare say di Council don approve one anti-corruption strategy document wey go strengthen anti-graft fight for di kontri.

Di Attorney General of di Federation explain say goment dey worry about di recurrent cases of budget padding, and dem go find strong way to tackle am.

Wetin dey inside dis document?

Di Minister of Justice for di Federal Executive Council meeting say since “One of di pillars wey President Muhammadu Buhari goment stand ontop na di fight against corruption and oda tins” .

Dem present di National Anti-Corruption strategy wit di intention to provide roadmap wey go give consensus action among all di a nti-corruption agencies of di federal goment.

E explain say dem adopt di document for 2017 to guide ‘di actions and inactions to fight corruption from 2017 to 2022.’

“Sake of dat document we don record plenti successes towards prevention of corruption.

We consider di plenti laws and policies wey dem don put inside to block di loophole wey dey associated wit corruption.

  • Di document focus on five pillars and dis five pillars na:
  • Prevention pf Corruption
  • Public Engagement
  • Campaign for ethical re-orientation
  • Enforcement and sanction
  • Recovery and Management of proeeds of crime.

E say “We don suceed to move convictions to di next level from di point of 109 in over 10 years to a point of over 3000 within one year by Buhari goment.

“We don recover about 1 billion dollars from wen e enta power until today,” Malami tok.

Wia dem recover di money, wia e enta

Oga Malami say dem don put di recovered assets for different sectors of di economy.

E add say di sector wey dem put di recovered assets particularly don address poverty alleviation, and e don make huge impact on poverty levels and di economy of di kontri.

“For di success wey relate to di looted assessts, for 2017 na over Three Hundred Million (300,000,000,000) dem recover from Switzerland.

We don put di money dem to reduce poverty in line wit di commitment of President Buhari.

Na from dia we get N-Power and Tradermoney among plenti oda programmes wey we put in place.”

Fow September, 2022 oga Malami bin tok say dem also invest some of di recovered assessts into national infrastructure.

Some of di infrastructure na maintenance of some sections of di Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Construction of di Abuja -Kano road and oda projects.