Road accident kill 54 pipo in one day for Nigeria

At least 54 pipo na im die and plenti odas wound for two road accidents wey happun on di same day, officials for Nigeria tok.

Di accidents happun for Abuja, Nigeria capital and Maiduguri-Damaturu road.

Dem happun of on Tuesday, 22 November, 2022.

Women and children follow for di victims of dis two crashes wey involve cars and Trailers(Trucks).

Bisi Kazeem, tok-tok pesin for Federal Road Safety Corp say one of di crashes happun early mor-mor on Tuesday along di Kwali-Abaji expressway for Abuja, Nigeria capital.

Victims burn beyond recognition

“Investigation into di fatal crash show say di crash involve one DAF Trailer wit registration number BAU 632 XA, and Toyota Bus wit registration details GME 201 ZU,” Kazeem tok.

E say total of 22 pipo na im dey involved in di crash, out of di 22 pipo 17 victims die – all of dem na men.

Four oda victims wey dem rescue alive get different degrees of injuries, while one pesin no get any injury, di goment offical add.

Di second accident kill at least 37 pipo afta two buses jam each oda head-to-head.

Oga Kazeem say di vehicles catch fire for highway between di north-eastern cities of Maiduguri and Damaturu.

E say some of di travellers “burn beyond recognition inside di buses”.

Wetin cause di accidents

Di Federal Road Safety Corps say di main cause of di crash according to di report na over- speeding “speed limit violation and tiredness (fatigue)”.

According to di statement, di Road Safety emergency rescue team cari di victims wey wound go Abaji General Hospital for immediate medical attention, while dem put di deadbodi dem for mortuary.

E add say Federal Road Safety oga, Acting Corps Marshal Dauda Ali Biu hdon draw drivers and passengers ear against over-speeding and night trips.

E also beg drivers to rest for at least 30 minutes for evri 4 hours drive, so dat dem fit avoid di dangers of over-speeding and tiredness for highways.

“Drivers must avoid speeding as crash investigation over di years don show say excessive violation of legal speed limit on all roads na one of di causes of road accidents.

Tiredness of di driver too afta dem do long trips for night night without adequate rest within di driving period.

Recent accidents for Nigeria

Road traffic accidents don dey turn to evri week mata for Nigeria.

Dis na as plenti pipo lose dia lives recently across di kontri.

Early dis month, trailer wey fail break kill 9 pipo for Vunoklang main road, Modire ward, Girei Local Goment Area, Adamawa state.

About 20 pipo die afta one tanker loss control come explode for Ankpa, Ankpa Local Goment area of Kogi State.

Tori be say di break of di tanker wey dey loaded wit petrol product fail.

Di tanker come move enta crowded environment and explode, e kill 20 pipo and destroy oda properties, vehicles and motorcycles.