Capt Ibrahim Traoré: Burkina Faso new military ruler profile

Burkina Faso coup leader Capt Ibrahim Traoré


Who dem bin call shy but intelligent for school don become di newest military officer of Burkina Faso. Im name na Capt Ibrahim Traoré.

E comot im former oga, Lt Col Paul-Henri Damiba on 30 September accusing am say e fail to fulfil im promise to calm down di Islamist insurgency wey don dey affect Burkina Faso since 2015.

Dem born Capt Traoré for 1988 wey go make di 34 year old captain di youngest head of state for Africa, alongside Guinea Col Mamady Doumbouya, wey dem born for 1981 and Mali Col Assimi Goïta wey dem born in1983.

Capt Traoré tell goment officials say, “I know I young pass most of you here. We bin no want wetin happun but we no get choice”.

Wen Lt-Col Damiba bin dey power, attacks by militant Islamists, wey some bin dey linked to di Islamic State group and al-Qaeda bin increase.

Dem seize territory for rural areas and cities dem wey leave di state with only 60% of di kontri to rule according to some estimates.

Burkina Faso currently no get strong democratic institutions sake of say military don dey in charge for long.

Capt Traoré promise say as im seize power, security go improve as di kontri dey live in fear of militants.

Im coup wey go be di second for Burkina Faso in nine months na di latest in wetin UN oga Antonio Guterres call epidemic of coups for 2021.

But di global powers get dia own kasala to handle plus di war for Ukraine, dis wan mean say dem neva too send wetin dey happun for places like Burkina Faso.

If anything, Burkina Faso and some oda kontris don find demsefs for di center of di cold war palava wey di Ukraine war don start again.

Dis na as Russia dey ginger to increase dia influence for di region despite say France dey ground as dem maintain close economic, military and cultural ties to man of dia former colonies for Africa.

In this video grab taken from a footage of AFPTV the new self-proclaimed leader of the military junta ruling Burkina Faso, Captain Ibrahim Traoré (C), parades in the streets of Ouagadougou and hails the cheering crowd on October 2, 2022. Burkina Faso's new self-proclaimed putsch leader called for an end to violence against French targets, after a series of attacks against buildings linked to the former colonial powe

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Capt Ibrahim Traoré don promise to improve security for Burkina Faso

Capt Traoré say, “I know say France no fit directly chook head for our mata. Di Americans be our partner now but we fit also get partner for Russia.”

Im tok-tok dey suggest say e go fit do like im colleague for Mali wey allegedly carry di Russian security group Wagner to replace di French for di fight against Jihadist.

Even though dem don record little success as di insurgency wahala don worst for dia too since di military coup for August 2020.

Capt Traoré bin earn im accolades as e bin fight jihadists for Mali. E serve for UN force dia and tori be say im “show bravery” for di face of “complex attack” wey militants set up for di northern Timbuktu region wey get buildings wey dey hundreds of years old for, 2018.

Di next year, e follow for military operation wey dem call Otapuanu for Burkina Faso for seven months.

E serve for detachment of Markoye for di northern Sahel region and do plenti operations dia.

One unnamed source tell Burkina Faso Radio Omega say “Traore dey close to im men, e dey wilful and courageous. E no fit stay for six months without say e go for detachment”.

But Capt Traoré no be decorated war general, na just captain wey study for one local military school, join di army for 2009 and get im artillery training for Morocco.

E choose to enta military afta im finish school for Burkina Faso second city wey dem dey call, Bobo-Dioulasso for wia dem call am “shy and reserved” but also “very intelligent”.

Now, Capt Traoré dey for di middle of international eyes as some dey even dey compare am to Burkina Faso popular revolutionary, Thomas Sankara, even as di kontri dey find political saviours afta plenti years of misrule.

Di private owned Wakat Sera website ask one question say, “Ibrahim Traoré don take ova power like one Thomas Sankara, wey like am take ova with military coup, like am be captain, be 34 years old like am,. Abi dis na twist of fate for Burkina wey dey find new landmarks?”