Meet di 2022 Nobel Peace Prize award winners

Di Nobel Peace Prize dis year dey go to one pesin and two organizations.

Ales Bialiatski wey be human right advocate for Belarus, Russian human rights organisation Memorial  and di Ukrainian human rights organisation, Center for Civil Liberties gbab di Prize for dia efforts to document “war crimes, human rights abuses and di abuse of power”.

Dem be di joint winners of dis year Nobel Peace Prize

Di Nobel Peace Prize dey awarded everi year to a pesin, or pipo, wey don work to benefit humankind

Dem make di announcement for one news conference for di Norwegian capital, Oslo

Previous winners of di Nobel medal include Barack Obama for 2009 and Malala Yousafzai wey share di prize for 2014.

Di chair of di of di Nobel committee say di winners “show di importance of civil society peace and democracy”.

For her announcement, Berit Reiss-Andersen add say di winning parties be “outstanding champions of human rights democracy and peaceful coexistence” for Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Already, Belerusian human rights advocate Ales Bialiatski dey detention sake of di 2020 protests ova di kontri alleged rigged elections wey keep Lukashenko for power.

Memorial wey be one of di oldest human rights group dey closed afta Russia Supreme Court shut am down earlier dis year.

Who be Ales Bialiatski?

Ales Bialiatski na ogbonge Belarusian human rights activist, wey dem currently dey hold for prison without trial.

Mr Bialitski, 60, na di founder of di kontri Viasna (Spring) Human Rights Centre, wey dem set up for 1996 in response to a brutal crackdown of street protests by Belarus’ authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko.”

E don devote im life to promoting democracy and peaceful development for im home kontri,” di Nobel Peace Prize committee tok.

Dem first arrest Mr Bialitski and jail am for 2011-14 on tax evasion charges e don always deny am.

Dem detain am again for 2020 afta ogbonge protests over wetin opposition say na rigged elections for Belarus wey keep Mr Lukashenko for power.”

Despite serious personal hardship, Mr Bialiatski never comot hand for im fight for human rights and democracy for Belarus,” di committee tok.

Who be di Ukrainian Center for Civil Liberties

CGS  na one of di top join bodi for Ukraine.

Dem start am for 2007 afta di leaders of human rights organisations from nine former Soviet kontris decide to create cross border support centre for Kyiv.

Since dem start CGS, e don monitor political persecution for Crimea, document war crimes and crimes against humanity during di war for Donbas and arrange international campaigns to make di Kremlin release dia political prisoners.

Even afta di Russian invasion of Ukraine, dem don try to identify and document Russia war crimes against Ukraine civilians.

Memorial na one of Russia oldest human rights group

Dem set up memorial ova 30 years ago. Dem bin dey work to recover di memory of millions of innocent pipo wey dem be kill, imprison or prosecute for di Soviet era.

Dia work no really gel with Russian authorities wey warn dem for 2006, den put dem for list of “foreign agents” wey be list of organisation and pipo wey goment say dem dey receive funding from abroad.

For December 2021, di Supreme Court of Russia order di shut down of Memorial sake of say dem no follow di foreign agent law wey say dem suppose mark dia social media posts with foreign agent disclaimer.