Boy for Kwara shoot im brother dead as e dey test ‘odechi’ wit gun – report

Pesin hold gun

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Police for Kwara state say dem receive reports for Kaiama police station around 10:00pm for night of October 2, 2022 of how one 12-year-old boy Yusuf Abubakar die afta im elder broda shoot am during di process of testing out one gunshot charm – ‘odechi’ wey dem just buy.

Two of dem be pikn of one hunter.

Police say di incident happun afta dem don fortify demsefs with di protective charm, di elder son bin bring im papa gun and shoot im younger sibling, di charm allegedly fail and di 12-year-old Yusuf Abubakar die on di spot.

Police say di broda escape enta bush afta e commit di act.

Police say dem don begin investigation into di mata.

Nigeria like many African kontries na kontri wia some pipo dey practice traditional religion and e no dey uncommon to hear pipo tok about di use of ‘charm and jazz.’

For January, 2022, police for Ogun state, for Nigeria southwest arrest three young boys for allegedly killing di girlfriend of dia friend for money ritual.

Di three boys include two teenagers and anoda wey dey 20 years.

Police say during interrogation, one of di suspects den bin say e learn how to do di ritual im carry out ontop social media.