Why Catholic Church send Fr Mbaka go Monastery

Worshippers of di Catholic Adoration Ministry for Enugu, Nigeria, bin do anoda protest on Sunday, 2 October 2022, di first day di ministry open afta three months suspension.

Di worshippers bin para sake of say Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Enugu, Callistus Onaga, remove Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka as head of di Adoration chapel transfer am go monastery.

Bishop Onaga tranfer Fr Mbaka go Monastery den appoint Rev. Fr. Anthony Amadi to take charge of di Adoration Ministry.

Wit leaves for dia hands, di adoration worshippers march enta Fr Mbaka compound shouting: “we say no,” “we no go gree”.

Wia be Catholic monastery?

Monastery na private buildings wia a group of pipo wey don dedicate dia lives to seclusion and according to religious vows.

Pipo wey dey live for catholic monastery na monks or nuns – men or women wey dey live life of abstinence from pleasures for spiritual purpose.

Dem dey either live alone or dem dey live wit oda monks.

Monastery dey get group of buildings wey include work place, libraries and even hospital.

Pipo wey dey live for monastery dey expected to dedicate all dia life to dia monestry.

Man wey be di head for a catholic monastery, dem dey call am Abbot.

Why worshippers bin protest

Father Mbaka followers protest Enugu Bishop new order for how di Adoration ministry go work.

Bifor now, Bishop Onaga bin close di Adoration Ministry for three months sake of some of di tins wey Mbaka dey tok wen im dey preach gospel and how im dey pray.

On Friday, 30 September, news comot say di Adoration prayer ministry go start again on Sunday, 2 October 2022.

But di Bishop give order of how tins go be from now on.

As church reopen, Mbaka tell im followers say Bishop don send anoda priest Fr. Amadi to replace am as head of di ministry until, im, Mbaka do wetin dem give am do to.

Order wey Bishop give include say:

  • No more Wednesday and Friday prayers
  • Na only Sunday Mass dem go fit do for di Chaplaincy
  • Fr Mbaka ghan no fit do Mass dia
  • Fr Mbaka go go for prayer pilgrimage until di Bishop order am to return

E no clear which of di monastery Mbaka go go do im prayer journey.

Na dis order dem supporters of Mbaka dey shout say “we say no”, “we no go gree”.

Dis no be di first time…

Dis no be di first time wey Fr Mbaka supporters dey protest for dia master.

For June 2022, wen Bishop Callistus Onaga give order to stop all prayer or Mass ceremony for di Adoration ground.

Mbaka supporters stage do protest against Bishop Onaga.

Dem tok many bad tins, some say “im no be our Bishop”.

One of di protestors: “Onaga, leave us our Fr Mbaka. I call him Onaga, Onaga na name, im name no be Bishop.”

Again for May 2021, Mbaka supporters march enta different unto say dem dey look for Mbaka.

Rumours bin fly upanda say tief don kidnap Mbaka, while odas accuse Bishop say im give orer make dem arrest am.

Dem even carry di protest go Bishop house for Holy Ghost Cathedral, Enugu, destroy plenty property.

Mbaka later came out speak to dem say na Bishop ask am make im no show for public.

Bishop Callistus Onaga


Who be Father Mbaka?


Im full name na Ejikemuwa Camillus Mbaka.

Im from Ituku village wey dey Awgu local goment area for Enugu State.

E go secondary school for St Vincent’ School for Agbaogugu, Enugu State.

Im later join St Joseph Seminary Ikot-Ekpene.

Mbaka become reverend father for July 1995, meaning say in don dey priesthood for 26 years.

Until im removal on Sunday 2 October, im bin be di head of one chapel wey dem dey call Adoration Ministry.

Di ministry don attract thousands of members.

Mbaka napopular church musician wey don sing many songs including: “Miracle Worker”, “Jesus mụ na gị ga-ebi”, Ebube Muonso”, “Aka Ndi Muo Ozi”, “Ike M Kwo Aba, “Jesus Obu Ngwongwo”, “Chideraa”etc.

E be owner of di company Aqua Rapha wey dey manufacture drinking water and Yoghurt.

E don also writ many church books and prayer books from wia im make money.

According to Mbaka, in dey more dan twenty three thousand (23,000) pipo salary every month.