Why we do show of force, Lagos police tok

Police don embark on a show of force exercise for Nigeria commercial city of Lagos.

Di police carry out di exercise for some parts of di city – BBC Pidgin sign a long convoy of armed officers along Osborne road for Ikoyi, one elite town for Lagos.

E no clear why di patrol dey happun but Benjamin Hundeyin, police tok-tok pesin for Lagos say di patrol na to ensure safety of di state.

“Di patrol na just to make pipo know say dem dey protected and safe,” e tok.

Notable events for Lagos dis weekend

Although, police say di significance of di show of force na for protection of lives and property, some notable activities dey happun for Lagos dis weekend.

  • Independence day celebration

October na significant month for Nigeria generally sake of di Independence Day celebration. And for Lagos, di notable Endsars protest wey end on 20 October, 2020, na anoda reason pipo go chook eye into tins wey go happen during di month.

Already, Nigeria goment don fix Monday, 3 October as public holiday for pipo to mark di 2022 Independence day celebration.

  • Rally for Peter Obi

Anoda major activity na rally wey supporters of di Labour party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi, wan hold for di state.

Di rally dey involve political activity and so far e don hold for oda cities like Port Harcourt, Abuja and Owerri.

Di rally wey dem bin plan for Lagos no hold sake of say some pipo go court to stop am. Part of dia argument be say dem wan avoid wetin happun wit di Endsars protest.

Howeva, one coalition of lawyers for di LP tok say di ruling of di Judge on di mata, Justice Daniel Osiagor na be say di rally na human right wey goment no fit deny di pipo.Di court for Lagos say make di pipo go ahead wit dia rally but say make dem no stay for one place.

Justice Osiagor also order di Inspector General of Police to provide protection and security for di supporters of di presidential candidate for all di locations wia di rally go hold.

Rally no go hold for Lekki tool gate

Meanwhile, di police for Lagos say dem no go allow any kind of rally to hold for di Lekki toll gate.

Hundeyin for statement say dia announcement on top court order say make pipo no gada for di toll gate.

“E don become important to reemphasize say no form of rally whatsoever go dey allowed at di Lekki Toll gate tomorrow, October 1, 2022.

“Dis emphasis don become necessary to enlighten Nigerians wey dem wan mislead into gathering for di toll gate.

“A court of competent jurisdiction don rule say make no pesin gada for di Lekki Toll gate for whatever reason,” di statement tok.

E say to obey dat order, di Lagos state goment under di leadership of CP Abiodun Alabi, go comply wit di court order.

Police, military tighten security

Ahead of di independence day celebration security agencies don also express dia readiness to ensure safety and security for di kontri.

On Thursday pipo for Abuja, Nigeria capital city see military men dey land for different parts of di city on parachute.

Di Nigerian Airforce say make pipo no fear wen dem see dia aircroft dey fly all around Abuja.

On Friday, di Inspector-General of police direct di deployment of officers across di kontri.

“Na to provide protection for citizens, critical national infrastructures, and ensure di success of all activities lined-up for di kontri 62nd Independence Anniversary scheduled for Saturday 1st October, 2022 all around di nation,” Force toktok pesin, Olumuyiwa Adejobi announce for statement.