Adidas Algeria jersey: Morocco demand change to di Algerian jersey design

New Algerian football top

Dem reveal new jersey design for Algeria football team earlier dis week

Morocco culture ministry don accuse Adidas of appropriating Moroccan culture for im new jerseys for Algeria football team.

Adidas say di design dey inspired by di Mechouar Palace for Algeria.

However, di geometric blue, teal and yellow design na pattern dem call zellige, wey dey common for Moroccan mosaics, di ministry lawyer tok.

Di neighbouring nations get a long history of tensions.

Lawyer Mourad Elajouti write on Facebook say e don issue a legal warning to Adidas, on behalf of Morocco Ministry of Culture.

Inside letter to di company chief executive Kasper Rorsted, Mr Elajouti say di new design na cultural appropriation and “an attempt to steal a form of Moroccan cultural heritage and use am outside di context”.

E don demand say make di German sportswear brand remove di design within two weeks.

Mr Elajouti add say di Algeria 2022-2023 season kit “contribute to di loss and distortion of di identity and history of dis [zellige] cultural elements”.

BBC don contact Adidas for comment.

Zellige tile work, Morocco

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Morocco culture ministry claim say di designs dey too similar to zellige, a style of Moroccan mosaic tilework

Algeria and Morocco share a nearly 2,000 km (1,242 miles) border, wey don be a source of tension since independence from French colonial rule.

For 1963, dem get di Sand War over Morocco claim to territory for Algeria.

Later on, Algeria back di Polisario Front campaign for Western Sahara independence from Morocco, e lead to di 1975-1991 Western Sahara War.

Dem come close di border for 1994 for security reasons afta militant Islamists bomb one hotel for di historic Moroccan city of Marrakesh.

More recently, for 2021 Algeria cut diplomatic ties with im neighbour, accusing Morocco of “hostile acts”. Morocco call di move “completely unjustified”.