Foto of how Nigeria celebrate im 62nd Independence anniversary

Nigeria mark dia 62nd anniversary wit national event for Abuja, di kontri capital.

Leaders of di west African kontri including president Muhammadu Buhari gada for Eagles square on Saturday wia dem watch parade and performances to mark di anniversary.

Di military parade be di high point of di activities as Nigeria dey celebrate Independence.

Buhari last independence event as president

Di 2022 independence anniversary na di last on wey oga Buhari go head as Nigeria president.

For im independence day broadcast di president say im believe say im don serve di kontri well.

E tok about di efforts of di ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) party, for re-setting di Nigeria economy as e survive two recessions.

Di president hail di very practical and realistic monetary and fiscal policy to make sure say public finance management dey work well.

E also hail di fact say im administration give priority to di agriculture sector thru support and creation of millions of jobs.

President Buhari follo tok say im goment make beta progress to fulfil im promise to create 100 million jobs.

Celebrations for Abuja

Former president Goodluck Jonathan, Senate president Ahmed lawan, speaker of di House of representatives Femi Gbajabiamila, di armed forces and some members of di diplomatic corps attend di event.

Heads of Ministries and Parastatals, captains of industries, also dey di event.