Highlights from President Buhari last Independence Day speech

Nigeri President Muhammadu Buhari

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Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari don rate di performance of im goment for im last Independence Day address as president.

E tok about di efforts of di ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) party, for re-setting di Nigeria economy as e survive two recessions.

Di president hail the very practical and realistic monetary and fiscal policy to make sure say public finance management dey work well.

Anoda economic measure wey pull di kontri comot from recession according to di president, na di effective implementation of di Treasury Single Account (TSA) plus reducing di amount of money dem dey spend to maintain goment.

E also hail di fact say im administration give priority to di agriculture sector through providing support for activities of micro, small and medium scale companies and dis don create millions of jobs.

E say im goment make appreciable progress to fulfil im promise of creating 100 million jobs.

‘We tackle corruption’

President Buhari say one of di areas wia im goment make significant progress na for di eradication of deeply rooted corruption wey dey worry all areas of di national development.

“We strengthen di Institutions for tackling corruption and also seek international support, wey helep for di repatriation of ogbonge amount of money wey dem illegally keep outside di kontri.

Di increasing number of prosecutions and convictions, with di refunds of large sums of money still dey ongoing. Furthermore, we go continue to block opportunities wey dey encourage corrupt practices.” Di president tok.

ASUU strike

Concerning di Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike, Oga Buhari confess say, “e pain am no be small say our tertiary education system dey always face disturbance.”

Di president use di Independence Day celebration as opportunity to repeat im call for ASUU to return to classroom.

E also assure dem say im go deal wit di issues wey dem raise within di limit of scarce resources wey dey available, come add say im goment don make good progress to address di issues wey don dey ground for eleven years.

‘Security don improve’

Regarding security, di president say im goment don do good work in di area of security.

E say dem don seriously address issues of security for north, religious violence, and militancy.

Buhari say di administration dey put measure in place and don provide di military wit equipment wey dem need to fight di insurgency.

Health sector

Buhari say through im goment effective work, Nigeria health sector don improve.

E add say evidence of dis na how di kontri take tackle di Coronavirus pandemic even wen di international community bin tink say Nigeria na one of di kontris wey di virus go hit pass.

‘Only credible elections go move Nigeria forward’

Di president say e no mata how much achievement wey di kontri make: “without good governance system and election of credible leaders on di basis of free, fair, credible and transparent elections, our efforts no go dey enough.”

As par di challenges wey di kontri don face so far, e say, “In di past few years, we don witness plus overcome plenty challenges wey for ordinarily destroy our kontri. However, di untiring spirit of Nigerian pipo make sure say we overcome our challenges.

“Na dis spirit I call on all of us to individually and collectively carry come forward to deal wit our development issues.

Buhari say im wan to see more women participate for di kontri politics. E call on di youths to make sure say di 2023 election go dey peaceful.

On im part e say im go make sure say di kontri go experience free and fair election.

“Dem call me to serve, along wit my team, I see opportunity to create a better Nigeria and dis na wetin we don do wit di support of Nigerians.