Wetin Nigerians tok about Nigeria at 62

Collage of Nigerians wey speak about Nigeria at 62


By Karina Igonikan, Mansur Abubakar, Andrew Gift and Tamara Ebiwei

Saturday October 1, 2022, make Nigeria 62 years as an independent kontri.

Di celebration of independence na National day of celebration wia many pipo dey wear clothes wey reflect di National colours green-white-green with school pikins dey do match-past to honour di kontri and sing many national patriotic songs.

Di kontri dey also hold different events to celebrate di day both at a national level and state level.

But dis 62 anniversary dey come with some mixed feelings among Nigerians.

Na just about five months remain to di general election wey go bring in new leaders and di kontri dey face different challenges from political, economic to security.

We ask some Nigerians across di kontri how dem feel in di face of everytin as Nigeria celebrate anoda birthday.

School children with Nigerian flag

Some school pikins celebrate Nigeria 62 independence anniversary ahead of di celebrations on October 1

‘We no get any oda kontri but Nigeria’

For Julie Ibiama a petty trader for Port Harcourt, southern Nigeria, she thank God for di kontri and di fact say she dey alive to celebrate anoda Independence day.

She observe say dat excitement wey dem bin get weneva October 1 dey near no dey again becos of how di kontri dey but she go still celebrate becos Nigeria na di only kontri she get.

“No mata how tins be for dis kontri, I still happy for Nigeria. Mere seeing dis children dey sing dey match so, I like am becos my kontri na Nigeria and I no get any oda kontri so no mata how tins go, I believe say one day, tins go change for good for Nigeria.”

Chinyere Ezeoba wey be businesswoman add say becos of God, she get hope for Nigeria say tins go improve.

“Di way tins dey now no mean say pesin no go celebrate Nigeria. Na our kontri so we go celebrate am in our own way. We just pray say God go touch our leaders to see how dem go do make tins go well for we di masses.” She tok.

Petty trader in Port Harcourt

Julie Ibiama say she go celebrate Nigeria as she no get any oda kontri but Nigeria

For Southwest Nigeria, most schools hold dia Independence Day celebration on Friday ahead of October 1.

Some ask dia students to produce Nigeria flags and some ask dem to wear di green white green color come school on Friday.

But for di streets, na still business as usual for most areas as no signs of celebration dey for di streets on Friday.

Abu Malami wey be hawker for Ogun state, na business as usual as im no even know say October one na independence day.

E tell BBC Pidgin say im go still come out tomorrow (October 1) to sell im goods and go home.

“But if dem carri celebration come my side, I go follow celebrate”.

Abu say e no know anytin about independence sake of say e no go school.

Chika wey be POS attendant say she no dey celebrate Independence Day as money no dey for her to celebrate.

“I know say October one na independence dey but na only goment pipo dey enjoy as na dem hold di kontri money. We wey no get notin concern us” na so she tok.

Obiajulu Uzazi wey be business man for Lagos say di kontri no get anytin to celebrate about so for him na business as usual.

“Nigeria dey 62 years and notin to show for am. Tins hard well-well for Nigeria, so why we go celebrate. Pipo dey die, no be pesin wey dey alive dey celebrate ?”

E blame goment say na dem make tins hard for Nigerians.

E recount how dem dey happy during independence as kids but say tins don change sotey nobodi dey happy say sometin like dat dey come.

School pikins  wey dey celebrate Nigeria independence

School pikins dey encouraged to promote di National spirit on Independence day celebrations across di country

‘Notin to celebrate as tins too hard at di moment’

For Kano state inside northwest Nigeria, Mallam Ado Yahaya tok say dis year independence day no be call for celebration at all as tins too hard at di moment.

Di retired goment worker say wetin dey worry am pass na high cost of food items and di fact dat money no dey to buy.

“Notin like celebrating independence di way tins be now because tins hard, to buy food sef na problem as e too cost and money no dey.”

Mallam Ado say goment need to live up to dia responsibility by making life good and enjoyable for pipo.

Anoda man Hassan Rafin Kuka wey be business owner yan say business no dey move well due to say pipo no get money.

Di man wey dey deal in plastic wastes say di economy no dey favour pipo and na why to celebrate independence day no be for majority of Nigerians for now.

“Di truth be say pipo dey suffer because I dey interact with plenty pipo daily and I dey see wetin dem dey go through, business also no dey move well so for me oh notin to celebrate.” E tok.

Hassan Rafin Kuka

Hassan Rafin Kuka express disappointment with di way tins be for di kontri and ask for beta governance

For Abuja di Nigeria Capital, notin serious don dey happun as at di time of dis report. But plans dey onground for Saturday di main day.

Malam Umar Ibrahim tell BBC Pidgin say, “I wish Nigeria long life and prosperity and we hope say tins go beta”
One Trader wey no gree tok her name say “Di way tins dey go for di kontri no sweet my belle so notin to celebrate.”

Festus Alex wey be student dey para say im no believe say im go still dey house by now sake of Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU strike so for am, Nigeria don fail di youths at 62.

“I be student and for seven months now I dey house, na dis tin I go dey celebrate Nigeria for? goment no dey try for us, notin to happy about.” Na so e tok.

Di Nigerian Goment both at federal, State and local goment level don plan many activities to take celebrate di 62 Independence Day anniversary with plenti matchpast and religious activities.

Dem also declare Monday 3 October as a public holiday to take mark di celebrations becos October 1 fall on a weekend.