To collect injection on empty stomach fit lead to death?

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Di recent tori of one family wey dey ask for justice sake of dia four-year-old pikin wey die afta one nurse allegedly give am injection on empty stomach for one hospital for Lagos Nigeria make some pipo begin dey wonder if true-true taking injection on empty stomach na sometin wey fit lead to death.

Sake of dis, BBC Pidgin reach out to sabi pipo to ask weda e dey possible make pesin die sake of dem collect injection on top empty stomach.

Injection on empty stomach fit lead to death?

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Sabi pesin on Cardiology, Dr Habibah Aminu wey dey practice for Federal Medical Centre Lokoja, say nobody fit conclude say pesin die afta taking injection unless dem sabi di diagnosis of di pesin wey die.

She say: ” to make informed comment about wetin cause di death, one go need to sabi wetin really dey wrong wit di pesin sake of say some medications no dey harmful and no fit injure pesin wey no chop.

“Medically e get some drugs wey dem dey encourage make pesin take wit empty stomach”

Di medical sabi pesin say direct death no dey possible if pesin take injection on empty stomach.

“Wetin fit possibly happun if di medication dey too strong for body be convulsion…she add.

Anoda sabi pesin Dr Mariam Kadri wey be senior Registrar Paediatrics department FMC Bida, Niger State tok say, say pesin take injection on empty stomach no dey possible to cause sudden death.

She say di tin wey fit happun be weakness.

“Oda tins fit cause death but primarily, injection on empty stomach no fit cause sudden death,” she add.

Why some medicines must dey taken wit or afta food?

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According to di National Health Service UK, some medicines need to dey taken wit or afta food.

Di six main reasons for dis na:

  • To reduce side effects of nausea or vomiting

E beta to take some medicines wey fit cause nausea or vomiting afta food to reduce dis side effects.

  • To reduce side effects of stomach irritation, including indigestion, stomach inflammation or ulcers

Some medicines fit irritate di belle, and to take dem wit food go reduce dis effect. Tins like biscuits or sandwich, or one glass of milk, usually dey enough to treat problems such as heartburn, reflux or indigestion.

  • To treat problems like heartburn, reflux or indigestion

Pipo dey use medicines wey dem dey call antacids to prevent heartburn and acid reflux and indigestion, wey dey happun wen acid dey produced as food enter your belle. Therefore, dis medicines dey most effective if you take am immediately afta, or during meal.

  • To make sure say medicine dey washed away

Preparations like mouthwashes, liquid nystatin, and miconazole gel for oral thrush or mouth ulcers need to dey used afta meals.

Dis na sake of say, to eat food go wash di medicine away too quickly.

  • To make sure say medicine absorb wella into di bloodstream

Some medicines need food inside stomach and gut for di body to fit absorb dem wella.

  • To helep di body process food

Medicines for diabetes wey dem dey take by mouth need to usually dey taken around meal times.

Dis go helep reduce blood sugar levels afta eating and to avoid  very low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia).

Enzyme supplements, wey dem fit use to help pipo wit chronic pancreatitis, suppose also dey taken wit food to help di body process food.

Di health join bodi add say if pesin no sure how or wen to take dia medicine, e beta to tok to sabi pipo, doctor or pharmacist.