Wike dare PDP to announce im suspension

As di internal crisis wey dey rock di Nigeria main opposition party, di PDP dey worse, Rivers state govnor, Nyesom Wike continue continue to dey tok about why e no go gree make di National chairman of di party, Iyorchia Ayu remain.

For one media chat wey dem broadcast live for Port Harcourt on Friday, Wike dare di party to suspend am.

‘’If di party wan suspend me, no problem. I no ever say I big pass di party. But anytim you see you take. Dem know wetin I go do. Pikin wey say im mama no go sleep im sef no go sleep,’’

Wike deny say im dey do anti party.

”If you be asset, pipo must come and tok to you.” E tok.

‘’If Ayu say im love dis party and want dis party to win di election, im know wetin to do.

Dis dey come days after Wike team bin pull out of di Atiku presidential campaign council.

‘PDP no fit win without Rivers state’

Govnor Wike say di Peoples Democractic party no fit win di 2023 presidential election without im support for Rivers state.

‘’Any pesin wey dey advice Atiku say im go for win without Rivers State no mean well for am. If God say im go win nothing any pesin fit do about dat but we be men, so we go work with di facts”

”Since 1999, Rivers State don always deliver for PDP. So pesin wey wan win election no for ignore Rivers, Lagos and Kano states”

E yarn say di crisis we dey for PDP now no go let Nigerians trust di party ahead of di 2023 presidential elecions.

E believe say di ”pride” wey dey threaten di peace of di party fit be im downfall for di elecetion.

Wike blame party crisis on zoning

Wike blame di crisis within di camp of di Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on di failure to zone di party presidential ticket to one particular region.

”Non-inclusivity na part of di problem wey Nigeria get, not just poor economy or insecurity. Evribodi gats feel say you dey carry dem along so you fit win.

“Those wey think say dem dey too powerful, highly connected, and that dem own di party say zoning of di presidential ticket no suppose dey– ‘leave am open and let di best candidate emerge’ – because dem think dem get di numbers.

“We jettison our constitution not knowing dat dey lay di foundation, di seed of discord for di future,” e tok.


Wetin Atiku tok about call for Ayu resignation

Di presidential candidate also tok say on top calls for di resignation or removal from office of di PDP national chairman, Iyorcha Ayu, e no fit tok put.”

Di decision for Dr. Iyorchia Ayu to resign from office dey personal to Dr. Ayu and, neither me nor anyone else fit make dat decision for am”. 

E add say, “as to di calls to remove Dr. Ayu from office, I go tok say, as one committed democrat and firm believer for di rule of law and democratic idea, and our party be one set up, wey dey organized and regulated by law and our constitution, e be my absolute belief say every tin wey we do for our party need to be according with, and match with di law and our constitution”.

Atiku tok.Atiku also add say If dem go remove Dr. Ayu from office, e suppose be according to di law wey set out di basis for dat kind removal .

“Di tin wey even dey be say make pipo remember say di body wey get di power by law to start dis removal from office, don already pass vote of confidence on am,” Atiku tok.

‘Wike no be pesin wey PDP suppose dey joke wit’

Political analyst and economist, Sani Bala say to know how di 2023 general election go turn out, pipo gaz consider di strength of of different political parties in terms of pipo wey dem get for elective positions.

About di crisis wey dey rock PDP, Bala say di National Working Committee of di opposition don fail for dia duty to get to di bottom of di mata and resolve am.

E say Wike dey strong politically and im get di financial resources and control of di party for south-south.

E add say south-south na geopolitical zone wey go contribute to di winning of di presidential election for either PDP or APC.

“Wike no be pesin wey PDP suppose to dey joke wit. Dem gaz try as much as possible to look at im interest, wetin im dey find. You know say for politics, na all about interest as dem tok say permanent friends and permanent enemies no dey,”

Bala tok.E say for PDP to win di 2023 presidential election, di crisis between Wike and Atiku gaz dey resolved.Bala say all political parties and dia stakeholders dey look at di loopholes of oda parties and dem go use am improve dia own parties.

E say parties go try get politicians wey dey get problem wit dia own parties and wey dem feel say go dey useful for dem.

According to Bala, if dis individuals decamp and help di party win election, den dem go receive wetin dem agree say di party go do for dem before dem defect.

“Na wetin go happun be dis, if APC dey willing to share dia interest wit Wike, e go likely go APC or remain for PDP and work for APC,” e tok.

Bala say defection don dey happun and dis na wetin go continue to happun from now till di 2023 general elections.