States wey get vigilante groups to fight insecurity in Nigeria

By Fiona Equere

Security na big challenge for Nigeria and di citizens, sake of attacks and kidnapping wey dey happun across di kontri by armed gangs.

To tackle di security palava some states don set up dia own vigilante groups.

Dis week Nigeria police say dem go beef up security for schools, hospitals, and critical national infrastructure nationwide.

E follow di order wey di Inspector General of Police give.

IGP Usman Alkali Baba say im make di move afta im review di general security situation for di kontri.

So which states get vigilante groups for Nigeria? Dem fit solve di kontri insecurity palava?

We asked one security expert about di vigilante groups and im explain di matter for us.

States wey get vigilante groups for Nigeria

Three out of di six regions for Nigeria get vigilante groups.

Benue state wey dey north central part of di kontri get Community Volunteer Guards.

Di north central state don suffer deadly killings wey dem blame on herders clashes.

Authorities say di Community Guards go respond to attacks and oda security threats within dia communities.

Dem go work wit Nigerian Police and oda security agencies wey dey di state and dey go dey armed.

South west wey get six states; Ekiti, Ondo, Osun, Ogun, Oyo and Lagos get Amotekun.

All di states for dia get di vigilante group but dem no dey active for Lagos.

Dia govnors launch di vigilante group to fight kidnapping and oda criminal activities for dia zone.

Amotekun also dey work wit Nigerian Police and oda security agencies wey dey di state.

South east wey get five states Abia, Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi and Imo state get Ebubeagu.

All di states for di region get di vigilante group.

Di govnors set up di security group sake of di deadly attack wey dey happun for dia zones.

Vigilante groups fit end Nigeria insecurity?

One security expert say di vigilante group no fit solve di Insecurity problem for di kontri.

Ben Okezie, tell BBC Pidgin say “Di vigilante groups no dey well trained.”

Oga Okezie say di solution to di insecurity palava for di kontri na state police.

“If we get state police every state govnor go sit down wit dia police, dem go come up wit operational plan on how to protect dia state.” E add.

E say politicians dey use dis vigilante groups to score cheap points sake of election.

E claim say most of di vigilante groups wen election start dem go use dem as political thugs.

Oga Okezie advise di national assembly to scrap all di vigilante group and embrace state police.

Di security expert explain how state police go work if Nigeria decide to use am.

“We go get state police and community police, na di same police.” E tok

“Unlike wetin dey exist now dia leadership and control go come from di state instead of Abuja.”

“Di state go make pipo to pay security fund to add to wetin di goment dey bring to provide security.”

“Den for local goment level dem go get community policing na so dem dey do am all ova di world.”

Wetin goment tok about State police?

President Muhammadu Buhari no support state goment to get dia own police.

“State police no be option.” President Buhari tok as im respond to di question on di topic.

Di Nigerian leader tok dis one for interview im do wit Channels Television few months ago.