Triplets, twins dey among 15 pikin wey die for Egypt church fire

At least 15 pikin dey among di 41 pipo wey die wen fire burn one Coptic Christian church for Egypt on Sunday.

Di Abu Sefein Church for Giza working class Imbaba district, bin dey full to di brim with pipo wey dey celebrate Mass dat morning, wey include pikin dem and dia parents.

Many oda pikin dem bin dey attend classes or a nursery for di four-storey building first floor. And na for dia investigators tink say di fire start from electric short-circuit.

Di health ministry sa most of di deaths na because of smoke inhalation and also stampede wen pipo rush to comot di church from exit wey already dey blocked.

According to relatives, church officials, local hospital and Egyptian tori pipo, di pikin victims include five-year-old triplets Mohrael, Youssef and Philopator Bassem Amir.

for di funeral as her husband also die

Di church bishop wife

Di pikin bin die with dia mama Irina Atef Ramzi, 34, dia grandmama Magda Habib Nabih, 611 and dia aunty Mirna Atef Ramzi, 25.

One singer Miretya Emad wey be Magda Niece and Irina cousin mourn for her family wey she lose in top her Facebook account.

She write say “With Christ, wey dey far better. Remember us for id throne of grace. Now I get six saints for heaven”

Miretya Emad family no be di only one wey lose three pikin for di fire.

Five-year-old twin girls Mariam and Barsina Tamir Wajih and dia three-year-old brother Ibrahim also die according to di list of victims wey di Imbaba General Hospital bring come outside.

Pictures wey dem take for burial service on Sunday night show dia mama dey cry beside dia coffins and dey show three fingers to signify her pikin dem.

One woman wey lose three pikin for di fire

One woman wey lose three pikin for di fire

For di hospital list of victims, dem follow call 10-year-old Karolos Aryan, 13-year-old Mina Azmi, and 16-year-old Mina Fakhir.

Di Copts United news website Karolos mama also die but im brother Ram survive.

Rami bin follow tori pipo tok about wetin happun to am on Sunday. e say di three of dem follow go mass togeda but dem separate during fire and e no know wetin happun to dem. Tori be say dem tell Rami about wetin do im cousins afta di interview.

Local tori pipo also tok about one woman wey say she lose two pikin for di fire, one wey dem dey call Mina.

Esnad say, “na me carry dem go Heaven”, because na she wake dem up make dem dey go Mass. She add say, “Mina tell me to go on Wednesdau but I refuse and tell am say e go go today”.

Di church bishop, Abdul Masih Bakhit, 50 dey among di adult victims wey di hospital. Dem snap im wife for di burial service as she dey hold wetin look like burnt piece of im clerical vestments.