Why Thomas Tuchel, Antoni Conte kwanta for dis Premier League Match

Tuchel and Conte

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Di Kasala wey dash both of dem red card

Managers wey dey waka up and down for Stanford Bridge sidelines with celebration or confrontation no be new tin.

But even Jose Mourinho fit shock for di kasala wey burst with im two of im successors show demself for Chelsea hot seat on Sunday evening.

Blues oga Thomas Tuchel and Tottenham head coach Antonio Conte bin wan enta each oda well-well for kasla wey increase sotay both of dem collect post match red cards.

Tuchel later comment with smile say, “e bin hot from temperature, come hot between di benches, hot for field and hot between fans – na everytin wey you want and hope for for match like dis early in di season”.

Even though dis touchline palava look like e wan overshadow ogbonge Premier League match, argument dey say Tuchel bin dey vex with di referee Anthony Taylor pass how e vex with Conte.

So wetin gan-gan happun for di London derby wey end for di 2-2 draw?

Spurs equaliser ginger di kasala

Weda you believe am or not, di match wey get plenti kasala for di final quarter bin dey flow smoothly with few fouls and just two cautions.

No be until di 68th minute wen kasala burst.

Na wen Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg 20-yard goal cancel Kalidou Koulibaly opening goal and Conte vex Tuchel as im bin dey celebrate.

Tuchel come carry im frustration put for Conte body as both benches and officials separate di two.

Even as, di Chelsea protestation about weda di goal dey legit start.

Kai Havertz complain say Rodrigo Bentancur foul am for build-up, also Spurs Richarlison be like e bin dey offside for Chelsea keeper Edouard Mendy when Hojbjerg shoot shot.

Chelsea feel say justice bin dey served wen Reece James moved dem back ahead nine minutes later wey make Tuchel start to dey waka up and down like Murinho.

But dem for di six minutes added time, Harry Kane use im head sama Spurs di one point.

Conte celebration

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Antonio Conte goal celebration bin vex Chelsea coach

Dat one come ginger more palava for dugouts as Conte and Tuchel sama head togeda again as Tuchel bin dey vex say Cristian Romero pull Marc Cucurella hair for corner before Kane score.

Tuchel tell BBC Sport say, “I tink both goals get k-leg and dey very hard to accept for dis VAR times. I dey sorry to tok but na di referee bin get di deciding role today, no oda pesin.

“Both dia goals no fit stand. Dem be clear foul on Kai. Richardson bin dey offside and how you go pull pesin hair for football field.

“I no fit understand how di first goal no be offside and I no get how players fit pull oda pipo hair and remain for pitch”.

Tuchel even say make Taylor no officiate for Chelsea matches again.

E add say, “I no tink say na only some of di fans think like dat. I fit nack hand for chest tell you say for di whole dressing room of us, we all tink am”.

Handshakes with K-leg- but all dey well wey end well

Thomas Tuchel and Antonio conte

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Tuchel ex say Conte no look am eyeball to eyeball as dem dey shake hands

Both managers bin wan reduce dia fight afta di match, even though Tuchel say Conte post-match handshake bin no dey sincere.

Di German, 48, tell Sky Sports say, “I bin tink say wen you dey shake, you go look into una eye, but im get different opinion, e no dey necessary, but plenti tins no dey necessary.”

But Conte no gree tok about di anger for field say, “if wahala dey, na between me and am. I tink we both enjoy wetin happun. Next time, I go pay more attention, just shake di hand and solve di problem. I go stay my bench, e go stay im bench.”

Even Tuchel with half mind give half apology for di way im celebrate wen Chelsea take di lead.

E say, “for middle I tell myself, I no suppose do like dis but sometimes, match go get you totally, dis match suck me in”.

“We no insult each oda, we no hit each oda, we bin dey fight for our teams. I surprise say we get red card for am”.

Since Premier League start, Spurs don lose 22 times for all dia competitions for Stanford Bridge, draw 12 and win only once, wey fit explain dia excitement wen dem get one rare point for dia.

Tottenham Kane admit say, “Stanford neva be our best place ova di years so to gbab one point comot for di end na good feeling. E dey disappointing to see di red cards. Na emotional game cos na London derby, di passion bin dey both sides, both teams wan win. E dey sometimes happun for games like dis”.

All eyes don dey di return game for February, if no cup meeting dey before then.