Sierra Leone lift curfew on deadly anti- goment protest

Sierra Leone deadly protest: Maada Bio goment lift night curfew


Sierra Leone goment don lift night curfew wey dem imposed on 10th of August afta one deadly anti- goment protest.

Di violent protest lead to di death of five police officers and one unknown number of civilians.

William Fayia Sellu, head of di police force tok say some parts of the western part of the capital, Freetown, dey badly affected.

“Be inform say di security situation don drastically improve nationwide and in particular places wey bin dey seriously affected sake of di declaration and military support to civil power.” Officer Sellu tok for statement.

Di police and military on Saturday visit plenti small towns for di eastern part of Freetown.

Dat na wia some pipo die, oda sustain injuries and properties damage to assure di public of dia safety.

President Maada Bio on Friday tok say di protest no dey about di high-cost living – but about pipo wey want to overthrow di goment.

E add say dem go impose stricter measures in di coming weeks to protect citizens.

Protest na “act of terrorism”

On Wednesday, 10 August, protest bin happen for Freetown di capital of Sierra Leone and some oda cities ontop high cost of living and oda issues like corruption.

Ova 130 pipo chop arrest and reports say e reach up to 27 pipo wey die including police.

Sierra Leone president say di August 10 protests aim to overthrow di goment.

In response, President Julius Maada Bio don reduce di cost of fuel but part of di demands of di demonstrators be say make di president no run for re-election for di next year elections.

Youth minister Mohamed Orman Bangura say wetin dey happun for Sierra Leone no be protest, na “act of terrorism”.

“Doz pipo no be protesters. Difference dey between protest and riot and acts of terrorism. Protesting dey different from acting as a terrorist…going against di state, killing young police officers,” e tok.

E add say “dis na well planned, calculated and financed by members of di opposition All People’s Congress.

“Members of di opposition pay young pipo to come to di street to take over governance,” Bangura, wey be member of di ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party tok.

“If di protest na sake of cost of living, why e no dey happun for for all di strongholds of di current goment? Why e dey happun for Makeni wey be di headquarter town of di opposition? Why e no be nationwide strike?

Bangura say Sierra Leone get 16 districts but di protest dey happun for three districts.

Sierra Leone deadly protest: Maada Bio goment lift night curfew


Sierra Leone kontri profile

Sierra Leone na one of di kontris for west Africa.

Di kontri get im name from 15th-century Portuguese explorer Pedro de Sintra, wey be di first European to sight and map Freetown harbour.

Di capital, Freetown na one of di world largest natural harbours.

Most of di population dey involved in agriculture wey dem dey use chop but Sierra Leone na also mining centre – di land get diamonds, gold, bauxite, and rutile.

Like oda developing kontris Sierra Leone don get dia own wahala wey don worry di kontri.

Di violent clash in di 1980s wey lead to full blown civl war from 1991 to 2002.

Since di end of di war Sierra Leone still dey under go rebuilding of di kontri physical and social infrastructure.

Sierra Leone share border for di north and east by Guinea, on di south by Liberia, and on di west by di Atlantic Ocean.

Di kontri get 18 ethnic groups and dia local language na Krio, wey be Creole for English.