Pastor Chris Oyakhilome video of how e suspend im nephew Daysman Oyakhilome trend for social media

One video wey show how Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome dey suspend in nephew, Daysman Oyakhilome Woghiren from im high positions from im church dey trend for social media.

Oyakhilome na popular pastor of Christ Embassy AKA Believers Loveworld.

Oyakhilome announce inside di video di suspension of Woghiren from all official roles.

E say di reason for dis action na because of im “act of gross misconduct.”

Daystar Oyakhilome Woghiren before im removal na di President of LoveWorld Next and LoveWorld Innovation.

For inside di video, Pastor Chris say im don put im nephew for under spiritual rehabilitation programme wit immediate effect.

“Di president of LoveWorld Next and LoveWorld Innovations, Daysman Oyakhilome Woghiren don dey hereby removed from being president of LoveWorld Next and LoveWorld Innovations and e also dey suspended from all official roles for acts of gross misconducts. So e no longer dey handle any of dat. “I don put am under spiritual rehabilitation programme from now, wit immediate effect.” Oyakhilome tok.

Di video don dey generate reactions for social media. But Pastor Chris no tok why e suspend am.

Who be Pastor Chris?

Pastor Chris na popular mega pastor wey pipo sabi not just for Nigeria but around di world. Im churches spread across di world.

Im don also trend for sake of some controversies recently.

For April 2020 during di peak of Covid -19, Pastor Chris trend afta e claim say na 5G network dey make pipo sick and not di virus. Oyakhilome for di video also claim say di reason Nigerian goment, like oda goment for di world, lock down Abuja and Lagos na to enable dem install di 5G cables.

For May, 2020, UK broadcasting regulation joinbodi – Ofcom sama Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Loveworld TV sanction sake of im preaching wey go against dia rules.

Ofcom say Pastor Chris sermons ontop how 5G take dey cause coronavirus – wey UK citizens get access to watch via cable TV – fit harm dia citizens and therefore e break dia broadcasting rules.

Also, Ofcom para give Pastor Chris say im Loveworld Television Network programmes bin suggest to dia citizens say Hydroxychloroquine na 100% cure for Covid-19.

Loveworld bin agree to di sanction and also assure Ofcom say dem go comot di programmes from TV and dia website.

For March 2021, Ofcom again sama fine of £125,000 on Loveworld Television Network, afta one programme dem broadcast on di religious service, dem tok say di programme feature inaccurate and potentially harmful claims about Coronavirus and dem no provide adequate protection for viewers.

Di regulatory body tok den say na di second time in one year wey di broadcaster go breach dia rules on accuracy for news, and harm in dia coverage of di Coronavirus.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (D.Sc., D.D.), na founder and di President of LoveWorld Incorporated wey pipo sabi as Christ Embassy.

According to im bio for im website – e be “man sent from God and a unique minister of di gospel of Jesus Christ”

E be pastor, teacher, healing minister, television host and author.

Pastor Chris don dey do the work of God for more dan 30 years.

Dem born am for Edo state Nigeria for 1963.

E also be di author of di Rhapsody of Realities, one daily devotional wey pipo dey use.