IEBC Kenya election 2022 results: Odinga and Ruto dey tight race as Kenyans wait to see who go be dia fifth president

Kenya Election 2022 live results updates

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Kenyans go to di polls on Tuesday, 9, August, 2022 to elect a new president and members of di national assembly, senators and county govnors wey go run di kontri for di next five years and dem go dey wait for di result afta polls officially close.

Di electoral commission never announce di total turnout yet, but by 16:00 (13:00 GMT) – an hour before election close – just over 56% of di 22 million registered voters bin don cast dia vote.

One of di questions pipo get now na how soon dem go know who win?

Di Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), for Kenya na im get authority to call di winners and dem get seven days to announce di winner of di 2022 presidential election.

Dis na afta di electoral body don collate, sort, count and tally di results wey come from all di polling units.

According to Article 138(10) of di constitution, “di Chairperson of di Commission go declare di result of di election and deliver a written notification of di result give di Chief Justice and di incumbent President, Uhuru Kenyatta.”

Article 138 (3) (c) tok say afta counting di votes for di polling station, di Commission go tally, verify di count and declare di result.

How dem go call di winner?

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To win di presidential race for di first round, a candidate need:

  • more dan half of all di votes wey dey cast across di kontri
  • at least 25% of di votes cast in a minimum of 24 counties.

Voters go also dey choose MPs and senators to go di national parliament, county govnors and county assembly members, as well as 47 women representatives to sit for di National Assembly.

Counting go start for di polling stations shortly afta voting ends. Officials go take a photo of di final tally and send di image to both di constituency and national tallying centres.

To ensure transparency, di media, political parties and civil society groups dey encouraged to run dia own tallies using final results wey dem go declare at di more dan 40,000 polling stations.

But only di electoral commission fit declare di winner of di presidential election afta e verify di physical and digital forms wey dey sent in to di national tallying centre.

Afta di declaration of di winner, dem go swear in di president-elect on di 14th day afta di date of di declaration of results of di presidential election.

And dat na if di results no dey challenged for di Supreme Court or if no runoff dey.

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