Horniman Museum London go return 72 artefacts to Nigeria

One London museum say dem don agree to return to Nigeria artefacts dem loot for di 19th Century from di Kingdom of Benin.

Di Horniman Museum say ownership of 72 objects go dey transferred to di Nigerian goment.

Di items include 12 brass plaques, known as Benin Bronzes, one brass cockerel and one key to di king palace.

Dis wan happun afta request from Nigeria National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM) for January.

Di museum, for south-east London, say e don consult with community members, visitors, schoolchildren, academics, heritage professionals and artists wey dey based in Nigeria and di UK.

“All of dia views on di future of di Benin objects dey considered, alongside di origin of di objects,” di museum explain.

Di museum say e dey “moral and appropriate” to return dem.

In recent years, political pressure don increase on European goments and museums to hand back artefacts wey dem loot.

E include ivory carvings and metal sculptures wey dey known as di Benin Bronzes.

Eve Salomon, oga of di museum, say: “Di evidence dey very clear say dem acquire di objects through force, and external consultation support our view say e dey both moral and appropriate to return dia ownership to Nigeria.

“Di Horniman dey pleased to be able to take diss step and we look forward to working wit di NCMM to secure longer-term care for dis precious artefacts.”