‘Picking my vice president na mistake but God save me’ – Obasanjo

Nigeria former president Olusegun Obasanjo

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Nigeria former president Olusegun Obasanjo say picking im “number two” man na one of di mistakes wey im make for life.

Obasanjo dey tok about im life experiences including matter wey concern di 1999 presidential election.

Obasanjo second man for di two terms wey e serve as president na Atiku Abubakar wey be di PDP presidential candidate for di 2023 presidential election.

Di former president make di comment wen e dey address some pipo for one leadership programme for Abeokuta, di Ogun state capital for South west Nigeria.

‘God save me from my mistake’

Majority of di pipo wey di former president dey address na secondary school children wey come get leadership experience.

Remember say Obasanjo become Nigeria president for 1999 – e serve two term between 1999 – 2007.

For di programme, e dey tok about some of di mistakes im don make for life. E say pesin no fit avoid some kain mistakes but God get how e dey do tins.

“I no go tok say I no dey make mistakes. I make plenty mistakes.

“But one tin wey dey happun be say God neva disappoint me. And dat one dey very important,” e tok.

Oga Obasanjo add say “For instance, one of di mistakes I make na picking a number two wen I wan become President.

“But because na genuine mistake, God save me out of am.”

Who be Obasanjo number two pesin wen e be Nigeria president?

As Olusegun Obasanjo return to politics e decide to contest di 1999 presidential election on di platform of di Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

E pick Atiku Abubakar as im number two pesin, im vice president.

Obasanjo win di election afta e beat Olu Falae of di Alliance for Democracy and All Peoples Party.

E serve as two terms president of Nigeria between 1999-2007 and for doz two term, Atiku Abubakar remain as im vice president.

Atiku imsef dey eye di position of Nigeria president and na im go fly di flag of di PDP for di forthcoming Nigeria presidential election.

E pick Govnor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta state from di south-south region of di kontri as im running mate.

Obasanjo/Atiku relationship

Dis no be di first time Obasanjo dey tok about im vice president as pipo notice say di two pipo no get better relationship wen dem serve togeda.

Ahead of di 2019 presidential election Atiku wey bin follow contest di election pay reconciliatory visit to Obasanjo.

Ismlamic scholer Sheikh Ahmad Gumi and Bishop of Sokoto Catholic Diocese Bishop Matthew Kukah follow attend di meeting.

For di years wey di two men serve togeda nobody know di true tori of wetin happun between dem.

Oda tins wey Obasanjo tok

Chief Obasanjo, na retired general wey tok on many oda tins but most of im point na about di kain leadership wey Nigeria need.

Apart from im choice of vice president Obasanjo also say many pipo tink say im decision to join Nigeria army na also mistake.

“Wen Abach wan arrest me di American ambassador tell me. E say dem wan arrest me and say America say dem go give me asylum.

“I say no, I no go run. That one sef fit be anoda mistake because I for die. So many tins wey I for see sa y na mistake, but God save me from dem all.”

On di kain leaders wey dey contest election for Nigeria Obasanjo say despite di Not too young to run Law, “majority of doz wey dey contest na pipo wey dey 8p and 7o years od.

“Di kain plenty money wey dey use for election. Unless you tiff money there is no way you fit do di work legitimately and till dey able to provide some tins.

“But di most important tin be say hope dey. I believe say tins no go continue de way e dey go.”

Olusegun Obasanjo profile

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo na former Nigeria president wey dem born for Abeokuta, south west Nigeria for 1937.

For 1958 e Join di army and get training for Nigeria and abroad. E spend 21 years form im military career wia e serve for different position including as Commander during di Nigeria civil war.

Im first administrative senior appointment na for 1975 wen e serve as minister of housing den later become chief of staff, supreme headquarters.

Obasanjo become Nigeria of Head of state between 1976-79 afta di assassination of General Murtala Muhammad. Dem later comot am through coup.

For 1995, e chop arrest on allegation say e dey plot coup against former Head of state General Sani Abacha. Di den goment sentence am to life in prison. Dem later reduce di sentence to 15 years afta some world leaders intervene for di matter.

Obasanjo regain freedom for 1998 afta di death of Abacha and den immediately return to politics.