Who be Khaby Lamé di most followed pesin for Tiktok from Senegal

Khaby Lamé

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Comedian and TikTok skit maker, Khaby Lamé don become di oga at di top for TikTok as e become di most followed pesin for di app, and guess wat, e do dis one witou tok-tok.

Wit more dan 143 million fans, Lamé displace content creator Charli D’Amelio to enta dis position.

Ova di last few weeks, Lamé fans star campaign to push am to number one on TikTok. For Instagram, Lamé get 78.3 million followers while D’Amelio get 48.8 million.

Who be Khaby Lamé?

Khaby Lamé for Cannes feem Festival

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Khabane Lamé na 22 year old content creator wey dem born for Senegal but e dey currently live for Italy.

Im dey popular for im silent funny skits wey go viral during di pandemic. E bin start to make videos afta e lose im job as factory worker for 2020.

Wen e bin first start, e dey do short clips of imsef as e dey dance, watch video games or comedy. Den for 2021, na so e change di style of di ones to di one wey e no come dey tok at all.

Most time e go just shake im head or do im hand like say e no sabi.

Na dis tins come make many fans like im videos especially for pesin wey no dey tok.

So far, Lamé don become ambassador for di fashion line, Boss, e even waka for dia catwalk for Milan fashion week.

Lamé key facts

  • Real Name: Khabane Lame
  • Age: 21
  • DoB: 9 March 2000
  • Nationality: Senegalese
  • Net Worth: $1-$2 million

Source: Ladbible (Nov 2021)

Because im mostly no dey say pim for im videos, pipo don compare am to silent feem actor, Charlie Chaplin and di actor wey do di ogbonge Mr Bean character, Rowan Atkinson.

Na also wetin dey ginger im followers from different parts of di world as you no need speak im language to gbab di joke.

Some of im video dey play on di way wey video creators dey make life complicated and e go come show di easy, normal way pipo dey do tins like open car door or peel banana.

Oda tins na im reaction to funny videos wey oda pipo make, wey go still come back to im facial expression as punchline.

Many celebs like Naomi Campbell too don express how im videos dey sweet am for bodi.

Most followed no be most paid

Lamé bin end 2021 as di second most followed Tiktoker but dat one no extend reach im bank account.

According to Forbes magazine, di top five top earners for 2021 no include am.

Dis na even as di top followed at di time, Charli D’Amelio bin also make di most money of $17.5 million through sponsorship, collabo and TV shows.

Di oda top four na, Dixie D’ Amelio, Addison Rae, Bella Poarch and Josh Richards (for joint fourth place) and Kris Collins.

Based on Forbes, see who bin earn di most ontop TikTok for 2021:

  1. Charli D’Amelio: $17.5 million
  2. Dixie D’Amelio: $10 million
  3. Addison Rae: $8.5 million
  4. (tie) Bella Poarch & Josh Richards: $5 million
  5. (tie) Josh Richards: $5 million