Osinachi twin testify as husband trial over her death enta day two

Di twin sister of late Nigerian gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu, on Tuesday testify during di trial of di artiste husband ontop di cause of her death.

Amarachi Eze tell di Abuja High Court say: “Na di beating wey her sister chop for her husband hand kill her and not ulcer or cancer.”

Osinachi husband, Peter Nwachukwu dey face 23 count charges around culpable homicide wey lead to di singer death.

Nigerian goment bin arraign di man on top case wey border on domestic violence and homicide for May dis year.

Im plead not guilty to culpable homicide ontop im wife death, wen di case first come up in court.

But di judge ask make dem lock am for Kuje prison until wen dem go hear di homicide case against am.

Di Nigerian gospel singer death for April 2022 spark outrage across Nigeria afta her family allege say she suffer domestic abuse for her husband hand.

Osinachi sister wey also be gospel singer, be di third witness of di prosecution for alleged culpable homicide case wey Nigeria goment charge oga Nwachukwu.

She explain give court say wen she dey hospital wit her sister, di husband enta dia hospital room tell dem say di test result show say she no get cancer.

“And my sister come begin rejoice.” Di sister tell Justice N.K Nwosu-Iheme court.

She say she dey court to seek for justice for her sister sake of di way di husband dey beat-beat her and starve her like animal.

” Osinachi complain give me say she no know why im husband dey beat her di way wey e dey do.

“And dat any time e wan beat her, e go blow blow her and kick her for chest”.

She narrate how Nwachukwu beat Osinachi wen she cari bele for dia first pregnancy sotey she come sick and dem cari her go hospital around 2 am,.

” wen Osinachi dey pregnant, e refuse to give her food and na onli bread she dey eat.

“She come call me say di beaten too much and dat e dey beat her wit mopping stick and hit her chest and dat one day e go kill her” she tell court.

Last moment wit Osinachi for hospital

Amarachi narrate di last moment wit her sister for hospital as she burst into tears.

She testify say Osinachi bin call her say her chest di pain her and ask her to come visit her for hospital.

So, on di 23rd of March, 2022 she leave Enugu to Abuja to stay wit her for National Hospital wia she dey collect treatment.

She say immediately Osinachi husband sight am for hospital and ask her wetin she dey do for hia- later e come ask her to leave di hospital say she get guest.

Di sister say she come go stand outside till in di evening wen di guest comot.

She say anoda day, around 11 pm, Osinachi husband ask her to leave di hospital and wen Osinachi try to intervene, e shout am down.

Osinachi twin later come leave di hospital dat night. She say di following morning wey she come hospital, Osinchi beg her to go see her pikin dem.

Before she no gree but later come decide to go afta di late singer begin cry, Amarachi add.

Wen she reach di hospital, dem call di husband to give dem permission to see di pikin, e refuse, she tell di court.

And wen she reach di hospital, her sister come tell her say make she no vex but dat make she go back to di village.

“Sake of di text message wey I send give her husband make e stop to treat her bad, Osinachi come call say make I no eva send am message again or call her”.

And dat wenever she (Osinachi) wan tok to her, she go call her. Dis twin sister add.

She say days afta bodi no come sweet her again and di very day Osinachi die, she no get her self.

Na from dia, some friend call to inform her of her sister death.

Duty of care for Osinachi pikin dem wey go testify

Before di hearing start today, di prosecution counsel, Aderonke Imana come raise one ogbonge motion wey border on di duty of care to di pikin dem wey gatz testify against dia papa for di ongoing trial.

She pray di court to protect to pikin dem by granting make dem close dia face alias blindfold and wear dem shield wen dem testify.

She quote di Child Rights Act and di evidence act to back her point.

Di presiding judge N.K Nwosu-Iheme come grant her prayers and say those wey no get hand for di mata like journalist no go dey court wen dem di testify.

Highlight of wetin happun for court on Monday

Osinachi mama and her sister insist say dey way Peter Nwachukwu maltreat dia sister, contribute to her death.

Dem claim say she bin dey sound before e marry Nwachukwu but later come develop ulcer sake of say e no dey give am food eat.

Dem claim say she dey face domestic violence for Peter hand as e dey beat am, maltreat am any how.

“Peter come steal my pikin. E  tell me say im be evangelist n aim make I give am my pikin  but e dey beat my pikin like carpenter dey beat wood”. She tok.

Peter get new lawyer  

On Monday, di court bin step down di mata till 11: am for  Nwachukwu lawyers dem to align demselves.

Wen dem bin first call di mata,di  prosecution counsel, Aderonke Imana, tell di court say im dey ready  but one of Nwachukwu lawyer,  informed the court that the case was for hearing and that they were ready to proceed.

Victor Abakpa,  pray di court to adjourn di mata to Tuesday  as anoda lawyer from anoda chamber wan take over di mata.

And lawyer I.A Aliyu, yarn di court say di defendant brief am for  June 18 to take over di case.

Di presiding judge come shift di case from 9 am to 11 am to allow dem settle di mata and na afta dat, di case come start.

Cross Examination and wetin happun

I.A Aliyu  cross examine Osinachi mama and her sister.

Wen e ask dem if dem dey aware of di police report of di cause of Osinachi death, dem say dem no know and also if dem dey aware weda e dey suffer any oda sickness, dem say na only ulcer dem know say e dey suffer from.

E also ask di sister weda na becos dem no get access to Osinachi moni n aim make dem di para, she say no be only dat and dat dia first reason to seek for justice na sake of how Peter treat dia sister.

And dat financing dem na second reason.

Judge ask prosecution make e no ask direct kwesion

Justice  Njideka Nwosu- Iheme bin ask di prosecution counsel make e no dey ask direct and leading kwesion

Di prosecution counsel, Imana bin dey ask mama Osinachi kwesion on top why she no visit her pikin in line wit igbo culture, counsel to Nwachukwu come object to di kwesion.

Counsel  Imana come quote  Section 7 of di  Evidence Act  and dat she fit ask kwesions wey  target to reveal and bring out di facts of di mata.

But di judge come sustain di  objection and  say di though  Section 215 of di  Evidence Act allow make dem ask kwesion to bring out di facts, dem no suppose dey misleading.

Osinachi pikin dey court

Osinachi family members dey court including her two boy pikin.

Osinachi mama say dey pikin dem dey wit her for Enugu and dat she dey happy for di pikin dem to live wit her.

And dat her only pain na say her pikin, dia mama no dey alive again.