Ovarian cyst: ‘Pipo bin dey laugh me wit my big school uniform’

“Wen dis tin start I still dey go Primary school, I finish am con enta secondary school but as di belle dey big I still dey manage, dem go dey mock me for school wit my big school uniform.

Efezino Patrick na 23 years old lady, wey share her tori of how she recover from one serious ailment wen she bin dey 13 years old.

“Dis tin happun wen I bin dey small and I know book well well for school, me and my neighbours we dey go school. Dem don tell us for church becos we dey go programme and all those our normal service dem. Dem don tell us say dem wan poison me.

Dat particular day my belle come start to pain me. Dat day, dem cari me go one hospital for Agbarho, Doctor check me say e no see anytin, and di tin dey pain me, e strong overnight.”

“My mama still branch all dos pipo wey dey sell native tins place, just in case we fit rub am make di belle soft.

We go scan, scan no dey see anytin, different hospital, churches  as we dey waka na so di tin dey big, I no come dey see my period (menstrual cycle) again becos na wen I just start my period di tin start. So many pipo sef tink say na pregnancy but no be belle.

Efezini tori say dem waka go many places to no avail.

“Wen dis tin start I still dey go Primary school, I finish am con enta secondary school but as di belle dey big I still dey manage, dem go dey mock me for school wit my big school uniform.” She tok.

Efezino belle afta di surgery

Efezino belle afta di surgery

‘Forced to stop school’

Efezino say despite everytin, she still dey manage go school till her principal tell her to stop.

One day, I dey waka go house from my secondary school na im my principal tell me to stop to come school say one day I fit fall as I dey waka, if na me sef na wetin I go tok becos she con dey fear for me, na so I take stop school.” She tok.

Zino tok say dis sickness deprive her of many tins, she stop to go school and she no dey fit comot outside.

“Everytime I dey inside house, I no dey fit wear cloth, only me go dey inside house dey cry, dem dey mock me, some pipo dey call me mama Ejima (Twins)  some dey call me witch, some go advice dia pikin dem make dem no near me, but me I just hold on to God say as far as I no do anytin, one day I go dey okay.”

Efezino Patrick


‘Search for cure’

Efezino tell BBC Pidgin say no kain tin wey she no take as medicine to cure dis problem.

“We do many treatments o, I take plenti orthodox medicine sotay I come dey addicted to dem I dey chop some sef, and traditional medicine dem like dog shit (Faeces) wit Lizard, dem go cut me put Pepper, different kind of tins for my body, even sand to di extent I come dey chop sand, sone pipo advise me to dey drink my piss.

I come dey use to am , to eat any kind of tin. I dey eat Charcoal like say na food, ashes, different Leaves wey I no know so far as I go dey okay.

I nompray for my enemy to experience dat kain tin sake of di pain I pass through. I no fit eat, sleep, sit down,  I no fit breath sef becos e don dey big reach my chest, I dey pray to die sef,  I come dey take my drugs overdose dey wait for death.”

Ovarian Cyst

Afta a while we come go do scan again, meanwhile we don do over 20 scan before o, notin show and doctors sef go dey laugh me.

On dat fateful day for 2018 scan show sometin.

“Afta many years wey we dey go hospital, wen dem finally see am di doctor tok say e be like Ovarian Cyst, say make we just put like dat, becos him sef no see am wen e dey do previous scans before dat day own.

We go do operation(surgery) for 4 hours we dey theatre, if you see di tin wey dem cari come out, we neva see am before and water dey inside , almost 25 litres na im dem drain out before dem fit cari am come out.

But Efezino no believe say na Ovarian Cyst. She believe say e dey spiritual.

I know say some pipo go tok say na tumor but tumor no go fit come meet you for dream dey tell you say make you die, dey appear wit different pipo face say dem wan kill you. Tumor no go tell you say for night you no go fit sleep or na fibroid wey go turn to pipo dey come fight you for dream say dem wan kill me? If I fight finish for dream wen I wake up blood go stain di bed, dem go pinch all my bodi,  my mama na my witness”

‘Life afta di operation sweet’

Efezino tok about di challenge di condition bring for her life and wetin she lost.

“Dis tin make my mama and papa lose dia marriage, she lost her business, sell plenti tins, dem dey mock my mama my sisters dem if dem dey waka for road sake of my condition dat time.

Na only my mama na im stand by me from di beginning to di end, my sisters too no give up on me, my step papa too stand gidigba for me, e even sign for di operation, provide for me, e pain me day e no dey alive to see me as I don well like dis.

Efezino add say she feel like say heavy load don comot her body.

“Now eh, I dey live life like oda girls, di only difference na di scars wey dey my belle and for me dat scar na experience”

Efezino say she hope to go back to school but now she be Make-Up Artist and dey do photography.

Wetin be Ovarian Cyst?

According to di UK National Health Service, NHS, Ovarian cyst na fluid-filled sac wey dey develop for di ovary.

Experts say most ovarian cysts dey happun naturally and dey go away in a few months without needing any treatment.

Ovarian cyst dey usually only cause symptoms if e break (ruptures), dey very big or block di blood supply to di ovaries.

In dis cases, pesin fit get pelvic pain, difficulty in using di toilet, frequent need to urinate, heavy periods, irregular periods or lighter periods wey no normal

Symptoms fit also include bloated and swollen tummy, difficulty in getting pregnant – although fertility dey usually dey unaffected by ovarian cysts