President Buhari June 12 speech on Nigeria Democracy Day

“Dis na my last democracy day speech as your president.”

“By June 12, 2023, exactly one year from today una go don get anoda president.”

Na so Nigeria leader take address di nation for broadcast on Sunday morning.

President Muhammadu Buhari speech on TV start by 7am and last for 10 minutes.

E mainly focus on di kontri democracy day.

E praise di late MKO Abiola as di national hero of di day.

Di president say bele sweet am for wetin im call di significant increase in women participation across all parties.

He beg pipo to maintain peace through di election process make e no be do or die affairs.

On dis day he ask candidate to treat opponents wit dignity.

Na since 6 June, 2018 Buhari declare June 12 as Nigeria Democracy Day wey be May 29 before.

Di Democracy Day mark di celebration of power to civilians from military rule since 29 May, 1999.

Buhari full speech on Democracy Day 2022

“I dey committed to ensure say di election process go dey peaceful and di transition go dey peaceful.”

“Di signs so far dey positive.” Buhari tok.

“Recently all political parties do primaries to select dia candidate.

“Those wey win dey magnanimous in dia victory.

“I dey every impressed to see candidate reign victory through campaigns.” E tok.

For voters Buhari say di last seven years im goment don reform electoral laws, system and process to safe guard dia votes.

“You right to choose you goment go dey protected”, e tok,

Oga Bhari promise free and fair elections come 2023.


For security matter President Buhari say im dey work hard to address security challenges, he say 2023 elections go dey secured

“I ask citizens to support and cooperate with security agency.”

Di Nigerian leader also ask everybody to put victims of terrorism in dia prayers

“I and security agencies dey do everything to free pipo wey dey in captivity and we no go stop until dem dey free”

Im also say dem don upgrade cyber securities to catch criminals.

“I assure you of my commitment to protect Nigeria and Nigerians from all enemies from with and outside.”

Highlights of Buhari last Democracy Day broadcast

From 1999, Nigeria dey consistently celebrate Democracy Day to mark di end of military rule and di return of power and control into di hands of pipo wey dey freely elected by di pipo.

President Buhari say for dem dey mark dis year celebration to recommit themselves to make sure dem protect and preserve di ideals of democracy for di kontri.

Buhari explay why Nigeria see June 12 as democracy day

According to Buhari,  di change na to remind all Nigerians of one free and fair election afta wey dem deny di winner along wit Nigerians dia rights and dia choice.

Before, na May 29 dem dey mark democracy day for Nigeria but President Buhari goment later change am for 2018.

“On June 12th 1993, Nigerians see di best in our citizens as we all go out to vote peacefully.

“By June 24th 1993, all of us see di worst of our leadership as dem cancel di election.”

Buhari charge Nigerians neva to forget di sacrifices of di heroes of Nigeria democracy during 1993.

“Dia patriotism and peaceful struggle suppose guide our actions especially wen e reach make we elect our leaders and hold dem accountable, now and in future.”

‘Why 2023 dey significant for Nigeria election’

For president Muhammadu Buhari, democracy dey important for di kontri to remember as e go mark 30 years by 2023.

E count from 1993 Presidential elections wen military goment annul June 12 election.

“In honour and memory of one of our national heroes for democracy, Chief M.K.O Abiola, GCFR, we must all work together to make sure we do dis dis transition in a peaceful manner.

 “I dey hopeful say we fit achieve dis. So far, di signs dey positive”, Buhari tok.

“We must neva see am as a  “do or die” affair. We must all remember democracy na about di will of di majority. Winners and losers must dey. 

Im ask candidates to continue dey run dia campaign based on issues and ask dem to showcase high character as di world dey watch and look u to Nigeria to provide example in governance.

 Im also mention say in di last 7 years, goment across all tiers, don make significant investments to reform and enhance di electoral laws, systems, and processes to safeguard pipo votes.

“Fellow Nigerians, your right to choose your goment go dey preserved and protected.” Im give assurance

 Im add say im goment dey  work hard to contain and address security challenges wey fit follow di 2023 general elections.

 E ask all citizens to support and cooperate wit di security agencies to report any suspicious characters and activities to law enforcement agencies.

Wetin di president tok about di primary elections

Recently, all registered political parties bin conduct primaries to select dia candidates for di 2023 general elections.

President Buhari say di primaries dey peaceful and orderly.

“Those wey win dey magnanimous in dia victories and pipo wey lose dey gracious for dia defeat.

“And pipo wey para don opt to seek  judicial justice instead of jungle justice.

“I follow di party primaries closely from di state level to di Presidential level.

“I dey very impressed to see across all di political parties say, most candidates run issue based campaigns.

“Di language and tone throughout were dey measured and controlled.”

President Buhari also say anoda positive wey come from di 2022 party primaries na di significant increase in women and youth particularly across all parties.

Buhari on terrorist attack for di kontri

President Buhari ask Nigerians to pray for all victims of terrorist activities.  

“I dey live daily wit di grief and worry for all those victims and prisoners of terrorism and kidnapping.

“I and the security agencies dey do everything we can to free those unfortunate countrymen and countrywomen safely.”

 Im add say im goment go continue to seek justice for di families of pipo wey don die from terrorist attack in di kontri.

“For those currently in captivity, we no go stop dem free dem”, e tok.

E say some of di defence assets dem buy three years ago don land di kontri.

E say dem don also upgrade cyber security and surveillance systems to track and trace criminal elements.

To end im speech, president Buhari promise free, fair and transparent electoral process for 2023. As im plead wit all citizens to and work wit goment to build a peaceful and prosperous nation. 

History of June 12 in Nigeria

June 12 Presidential elections 1993 election na di first afta di 1983 military coup for Nigeria.

Di election bin involve two parties, di Social Democratic Party (SDP) and di National Republican Convention (NRC). Nigeria bin dey run two party system dat time.

Moshood Kashimawo Abiola (MKO) run for di Social Democratic Party (SDP) why Bashir Tofa run for National Republican Convention (NRC).

International and local observers bin declare di June 12 1993 election as di freest and fairest of dem all, But e no come to reality.

Di events wey happun, wetin hapun afta and di impact e get on Nigeria and im democracy wey make am so.

Na something wey don form a major part of Nigeria history and sometin wey go ever make June 12 a very special and painful day for some.

June 12: Nigeria Democracy Day speech of President Muhammadu Buhari

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Wetin happun on June 12, 1993?

On June 12 1993, MKO run for di seat of di president under SDP while im opponent Bashir Tofa run under NRC.

MKO running mate na Baba Gana Kingibe why Tofa own na Sylvester Ugoh.

Even though international and local observers declare say di election na di freest and fairest, di military Head of State Ibrahim Babangida den cancel am.

IBB as dem dey call General Babangida say e abandon di election outcome ontop allegation of wuru-wuru and mago-mago.

Di election wey dem cancel cause palava and Babangida step aside on August 27, 1993.

Ernest Shonekan, MKO townsman from Ogun state become di interim government.

On June 11 1994, Abiola declare imsef President of Nigeria for Epetedo, Lagos, south west of di kontri.

Afta im declaration, dem begin find am ontop accuse of treason and under di command of General Sani Abacha, dem finally arrest am on June 23, 1994.

Dem detain Abiola for four years, tori be say aside from di Bible and Qur’an, im no get any source of info of di outside world.

Abiola die on July 7, 1998, di day dem suppose release am from detention.