How Nigeria parties dey elect Vice-presidential candidates?

Nigeria 2023 general election don reach crucial stage of preparation.

Inec, Nigeria election office, on Thursday set one week deadline for political parties.

Independent National Electoral Commission (Inec) expect dem to submit list of candidates by then.

“For di next one week from10th June 2022, all Political Parties dey required to submit dia list of candidates…

“…for national elections Presidential/VP, Senatorial & House of Representatives.”  INEC tok.

Inec say any political party wey no attach dia running mates like vice president and deputy govnor, dia nomination go dey invalid.

So how parties dey elect Vice-presidential candidates for Nigeria?

Dis story go break am down for you.

APC Vice Presidential Candidate selection

For Nigeria ruling party, di pipo wey go decide who go be di VP na APC National Working Committee.

And e dey subject to di approval of National Executive Committee.

But before dem choose di vice president dem must consider dis guidelines:

  • Principle of Federal Character
  • Gender balance
  • Geo-political spread
  • Rotation of offices, as much as possible to make sure balance dey within di Constituency covered.

PDP Vice Presidential Candidate selection

For PDP pipo wey get power to choose dia VP candidate na di National Executive Committee, through dia National Working Committee.

Dat na wetin di party constitution tok.

Na dem go provide di process of clearance of di waiver wey go start from di ward level.

But before dem reach dat level di pesin suppose meet some of dia party requirement wey be:

Di pesin go don be party member for at least two years.  

However di party Executive Committee fit allow di pesin alias give am waiver if e no meet dis requirement.

Labour Party Vice Presidential Candidate selection

For Labour Party di pesin wey get di power to choose di vice president na di Presidential candidate.

Na him go nominate di VP candidate.

But e go dey based on di approval of di national convention of di party.

NNPP Vice Presidential Candidate selection

Di pipo wey get di power to choose vice president for NNPP na di party National Executive Committee.

And dem gats consider these tins before dem take dia decision:

  • Federal character principle and di principle of geographical spread
  • And all oda factors necessary for di total success of di party

APGA Vice Presidential Candidate selection

For APGA, na di party National Principal Officers go decide dis mata.

Dem gatz do am in consultation wit di Presidential Candidate.

Grand Patrons and Board of Trustees Chairman go follow choose who dia Vice Presidential candidate.

Na 18 registered political parties dey expected to field candidates for di February 2023 vote.

But based on how audience dey mention parties, na im we consider di process for APGA, NNPP, LP, PDP and APC.

However from wetin BBC Pidgin find out, di process of selection running mates for party presidential candidates dey similar.