‘Im sister dey ask if e no go go school’ Port Harcourt church stampede victim

Five year old Delight Samuel Orji

Samuel Orji Eke
Five year old Delight Samuel Orji die for di stampede for Polo Club, Port Harcourt

“You know how water dey rush from small opening, na so e be, pipo dey push to enter di venue na so some of dem come dey fall ontop each oda.”

Na so 36-year-old Samuel Orji Eke from Bende local goment area Abia State tok as e remember di tragic incident, di stampede for Polo Club, GRA Phase 2 Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria wey happun on Saturday 28, May, 2022.

31 pipo die for di incident, including Mr Eke five-year-old son, Delight Samuel Orji.
Orji say im and im family reach di venue of di event very early in di morning around 5am but already a huge crowd of pipo full evriwia but as na church programme e no too surprise as dem tell dem say na by 9am e go start.

E say im and im family stand near di big gate dey wait for dem to open. E say pipo dey tell di gatemen dem to open so dem go go inside in time to get better place to seat because di crowd dey much.

After some time, dem come open di small gate na so pipo begin rush inside.

“Mesef I fall down but I throw my six months old daughter wey I bin carry, I no know how God help me one woman catch her but me I dislocate my shoulder. My wife faint. Later we see my oda three year old daughter, nothing do her.

Later na im we see my five year old son don die for di field. E poopoo on imsef, be like dem match im belle for di rush wey force am to poopoo on im bodi. ” E tok.

Orji say na police wey come try control di situation and dem see many people lay dead on di field.

Later im charter taxi rush dem go Military hospital na dia di hospital officials confam say im son don die.

‘I wan bury my son’

Orji wey be generator repairer tell BBC Pidgin say na im friend wey  don benefit from di Shop for Free programme before na im invite am to come with im family to di church programme wey make am go with im wife, Chika Samuel Orji and dia three pikin dem – di five year old son and two daughters.


Samuel Orji Eke dey ask police authorities to allow am go bury im five years old pikin wey die for di stampede.

Orji say im bin carry im son go Rivers State Teaching Hospital too but as dem confam say e don die, im bring am back to Military Hospital put am for di Mortuary den e go make formal report for di State Criminal Investigation Department.


“I bin wan go bury my pikin dat very day but na di police na im say make nobody carry di deadibody of dia pesin again. But before dat time, some pipo bin don come carry dia pipo comot.


So now e dey worry me as my son still dey mortuary. I go like make dem release am make I go bury am because now I no fit go work wen my son dey mortuary and I need to feed my family but as e be now no way.”

‘Make goment compensate di victims’

Samuel Orji say dem don discharge im wife from hospital but she dey in pains for di death of her son and di younger sister wey dey three years old dey ask for her brother weda im no go go school and dem no know how to explain for her say im don die.


Even im, go for traditional treatment and na dia dem set im dislocated shoulder.


“Na accident wey happen. Nobody expect say sat kain tin go happen. But I want justice for my  son. Im don die and notingfit bring am back so e go good make goment try compensate us.” E tok.


The Kings Assembly, di church wey organise di programme say dem dey work with di Police authorities to find out wetin really cause di stampede.For statement wey di Director of Administration, Chimeka Elem sign, dem say dem dey sad about di unfortunate incident wey happun for di programme wey dem intend to help and share gifts to di less privileged.

E add say any further details of developments dem go share with di public even as dem dey trace and engage with families wey dey affected.

Rivers State Police Command say dem dey investigate di cause of di stampede and di Rivers State Goment don also tok say dem go set up probe panel to chook eye inside di matter too.

Meanwhile Samuel Orji say im never see anybodi from The Kings Assembly and nobody don reach am.