Dei-Dei Abuja riot update: Fight force four markets close, at least five die – Fotos

Four markets for Dei-Dei area of Abuja dey closed till further notice sake of ‘civil unrest’ wey happun for di Nigeria capital city.

At least five pipo die inside violent clashes wey happun for dis local area on Wednesday

Di markets wey dey ordered to remain close include di main Abuja Building Materials Market for Dei-Dei.

Di Timber Market wey dem burn, oda markets for di area and all di shops and plaza wey dey along di Dei-Dei road also dey closed.

Traders and shop owners dey make plans to beg goment to open di markets soon.

Here na latest tori of how tins be for Dei-Dei area afta di tension wey lead to destruction of properties inside di Federal Capital Territory [FCT].

Dei-Dei riot – Why FCT closedown four markets

Minister of di Federal Capital Territory order di closure of all di markets, plaza and shops for di area.

Na wen Muhammed Musa Bello visit di scene of di katakata on Wednesday evening e give di order.

Oga Bello also meet all di leaders of di community for di area and request make dem close di Dei Dei market until further notice.

Di decision go dey ground pending wen di authority complete dia investigation.

E also confam say five pipo die for di ‘civil unrest’.

E tell di community leaders to fish out all di jaguda pipo wey get hand for inside wetin happun for Dei Dei on Wednesday and make sure say dem face di law.

Oga Bello also promise say dem go upgrade di security post for di Dei Dei market to make sure say dis kain tin no happun again. “I dey call on community leaders to fish out bad eggs inside dem and help bring dem to justice”.

“Dis na because dis time around, di hoodlums cari guns and shoot innocent pipo-dis dey very sad and we no go accept am for Abuja.”

Di minister dismiss claim say wetin happun for Dei Dei na communal crisis.

Oga Bello e say na case of jaguda pipo taking advantage of di tension wey bin dey ground to loot and destroy economic assets.

Dei-Dei Abuja situation afta fight

One leader for di Abuja Building Materials market for Dei Dei follow BBC Pidgin tok as e narrate wetin hapun.

Di trader also tok and how di closure of di market go affect dia pocket.

Executive Vice Chairman of di market say all of dem dey for dia shop between 11 and 12 O’Clock wen di kasala burst.

Chief Celestine Ekegbo say: “We dey for our market dey do our business between 11 to 12 O’Clock na im we hear say kasala dey happun for outside we road.

“Okada cari one woman, and im and anoda Okadaman dey drag di road in di process dem com hit each oda.

“And woman come fall down anoda motor come climb her, she come die.”

“Pipo come gada sake of say wetin happun na horrible tin, to see how dem fit take resolve di mata.

“Some pipo wan beat di okadaman while odas wan save di Okadaman, na in di process di kasala start. “

Di market leader explain say na okada pipo (commercial motorcycle rider) and hoodlums(Jaguda pipo) na im start to fight, before dem go know, di tin don turn to anoda tin.

“Before you know it, e don led to burning of shops and destroying of motors, pipo wey dey pass we no know wetin dey happun, dem start to destroy glasses, katakata come full evriwia.

“For evening na im minister come wit di Commissioner of Police, Director of DSS wit oda security pipo for im team.

“Afta dem ask us questions e come order di closure of all di markets for Dei-Dei road both di shops and plaza” E tok.

E say dem don comply wit di directive of di Minister as evriwia for di market dey shutdown.

“We dey try to obey di directive of di Minister, no how wey we go close market wey e no go affect evribodi.

“Many pipo dey wey if dem no come out dem no go see food chopand feed dia families.

Dis morning we don begin tok about how to make peace and see how our businesses fit open back”. E explain

Wetin Abuja Police tok?

FCT Police Command tok-tok pesin Josephine Adeh for statement say dem dey investigate di mata.

And dem go update di public in due time about di ‘civil unrest wey happun for Dei Dei on Wednesday.

Dei Dei na one area wey dey along di Kubwa /Zuba Expressway.

Dem dey under di Bwari Area Council for Abuja, Nigeria capital.

Commercial activities dey for di area, especially for di new site.

Tori be say small small katakata like dis dey happun for di area, but dis type wey happun on Wednesday wey dem begin destroy pipo shops, market and cars neva happun before.

Fotos from di Dei-Dei Timber market afta riot

Fotos from di Abuja Building materials market wey shutdown