Nnamdi Kanu trial: Court deny Ipob leader bail plus oda tins wey happun for di latest court hearing

"Nnamdi Kanu arrested today": [Ipob news] 'Nnamdi Kanu extradition arrest' in Nigeria ', go appear for Nigeria court - 'Abubakar Malami'

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Nnamdi Kanu na im dey operate Radio Biafra

Justice Binta Nyako of di Federal High Court Abuja adjourn di hearing for ruling on di application of di Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader Nnamdi Kanu to May, 26, 2022.

Di hearing on Wednesday happun for di Code of Conduct Tribunal, Abuja.

As di hearing start, di first mata wey Justice Binta Nyako face na di bail application of Nnamdi Kanu.

Di Federal High Court no gree grant Nnamdi Kanu bail pending di determination of di treasonable felony charge wey Federal goment sama am.

Justice Binta Nyako say Kanu must explain di reason why e breach di former bail wey dem give am, before e go fit enjoy anoda favourable decision from di court.

“Until di issue of absence of di defendant for im trial wit all di bail conditions e break, don dey determined, di best we fit do for di instant application of di defendant for bail go be premature and we refuse am.

“However, di defendant dey at liberty to refile di application”, Justice Nyako tok.

Di court note say Kanu trial since 2015 wen e start don suffer plenti setbacks sake of over 19 interlocutory applications wey dem don file for di mata. E beg all parties to allow di case to proceed on trial.

Kanu, argue say dem no court don try or convict am by any law of di kontri say im dey entitled to bail, e add say dem release am before on health grounds.

But di judge insist say Kanu wey don realise di gravity of di case against am, go run comot from di from di kontri and e no go make imsef available for trial.

Court strike out six amended charges

Di Federal High Court Abuja, also strike out new six-count charges wey dem amend against Nnamdi Kanu sake of say Federal goment witdraw di charges.

Di Judge withdraw di charges afta Mike Ozekhome complain to di court say di prosecution dey try to delay di process sake of continuous amendment of di charge against Nnamdi Kanu.

Ozekhome tell court say dis na di 7th time Federal goment dey amend di charges.

Justice Nyako agree wit Ozekhome submission say Kanu no dey expected to take plea on di newly amended charges immediately, say e need time to digest dem before e take plea.

Tori be say dem amend di charges sharp-sharp again yesterday, but di judge strike out di six charges.

Remember say Justice Binta Nyako bin don strike out eight out of di 15- count treasonable felony charge on April 8 against Nnamdi Kanu say dem dey repeat diasef.

Wetin happun for di last hearing

Justice Binta Nyako reduce charges against Nnamdi Kanu

For one major ruling, di trial Judge for di Federal High Court drop eight (8) out of di fifteen (15) charges wey Nigerian goment bin sama against Nnamdi Kanu.

Di eight charges dey among recent offenses wey dem add to di charges against di separatist leader.

Justice Binta Nyako of di federal high court as e dey dismiss di charges rule say Counts 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 14 dey incompetent for not disclosing any offence against di defendant.

She come rule say Counts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 13 and 15 disclose valid charges against Nnamdi Kanu.

Issue of Nnamdi Kanu kidnap or abduction alias rendition come up for court

Mike Ozekhome, SAN wey dey lead Nnamdi Kanu team of lawyers, tell di court say im client experience “unlawfully, brutally and extraordinarily renditioned from Kenya without e consent”.

Di “Kidnap” or “abduction” na wetin dem dey call extraordinarily renditioned for legal language.

Dat na to capture or forcefully take someone from anoda kontri to come face persecution for im own kontri.

But di judge rule say di abduction of di separatist leader for di purpose of investigations dey allowed because e already dey face persecution for Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu bail application come up

Court no gree grant di Nnamdi Kanu bail wen di application come up during trial.

Mike Ozekhome, wey be Kanu lead lawyer, move one application for bail.

“Until a pesin dey tried and convicted, e fit dey allowed to waka free,” Mike Ozekhome tok.

Di Senior Advocate remind di court say defendant suppose enjoy di presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

But Shuaibu Labaran, Nigerian goment lawyer wey be di prosecution counsel, pray di court to refuse di application.

Charges wey remain against di Biafra activist

Count 1: Say Nnamdi Kanu as member and leader of Ipob commit act of terrorism against di federal republic of Nigeria by making broadcast wit intention to intimidate di population.

Count 2: Say Nnamdi Kanu as member and leader of Ipob commit act of terrorism against di federal republic of Nigeria by making broadcast wit intention to threaten members of di public wit sit at home order.

Count 3: Say Nnamdi Kanu make broadcast wia e declare imsef as member and leader of Ipob, group wey Nigeria goment don ban.

Count 4: Say Nnamdi Kanu make broadcast wia e encourage members of di public to kill Nigeria security officers.

Count 5: Say Nnamdi Kanu make broadcast wia e encourage di public to attack officers of di Nigeria police force.

Count 13: Say Nnamdi Kanu make broadcast wia e encourage members of di public to burn down evri federal goment facilty for Lagos wey lead to major economic loss to federal goment.

Count 15: Say Nnamdi Kanu import Radio transmitter known as Tram 50L and hide am inside container for Ubulisiuzor for Ihiala Local government area of Anambra state.