Anna Qabale Duba: Meet World Best Nurse wey escape forced marriage at 14

One Kenyan nurse wey dey fight against early marriage and female genital mutilation say she dey “speechless” afta she win di prize of $250,000 (£205,000).

Fellow workers wey dey work with Anna Qabale Duba say she dey always go di extra mile for odas for her community for di northern county of Marsabit, and even ger school for her village.

She tell BBC Newsday say, “dis award go help expand my school all ova Kenya”.

Di classrooms for Torbi Pioneer Academy dey teach pikin dem for morning, before dia parents go classrooms for literary clases and sometimes den dey give di two age groups go get di homework.

Ms Qabale say she be di only girl for Torbi village wey don go university, and di only girl wey get past primary school education for her family wey get 19 children.

Di 31 year old get Masters for Epidemiology and get foundation to empower girls and mama dem.

She tell BBC say, “I de so passionate about education. Afta I chop di fruits of education, I decide I go go home to empower di rest”.

She sat family and di community na her hey influences even as she dedicate di nursing award to her late brother wey partially pay her university education.

Camels in the desert with a young herder, Chalbi Desert, Marsabit, Kenya.

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With her Qabale Duba Foundation, she use di school wey she build for her village to also teach parents about di koko wey dey sexual and reproductive health mata.

She dey work as nurse for di Marsabit County Referral Hospital, she dey try end tins like female genital mutilation (FGM) and early marriage, and na for her work for dia areas wey di Dubai based Aster DM healthcare say she beat pass 24,000 nominees to win dia Global Nursing Award.

Ms Qabala tell di BBC say, “E no easy to tok about dis kain tins for public. As woman, and from di kain male dominated family, e no easy to tok about am but I dey really try my best”.

“I dey use education as excuse for di advocacy wey I dey do for dis kain tin.”

‘I escape forced marriage at di age of 14’

Di mama of one wey don marry, tok about wetin do her wey make am hold di beliefs she get.

She say, “I bin get female genital mutilation at di age of 12, and I bin escape early marriage at di age of 14”.

Even though FGM dey illegal for Kenya, around 91% of girls and young women still dey face am for di kontri northern regions, according to di Kenya Anti-FGM board.

Parents dey carry dia daughters cross border to anoda kontri so dem go fit escape Kenya strict laws.

Colleagues sat di ginger wey Ms Qabale get don all women and girls see di rights dem get ova dia health.

“She sabi well-well di palava wey young girls dey face,” na wetin Hassan Halakhe, wey be director of preventive promotion health services for Marsabit County Referral Hospital, tell BBC.

“Many of dem no dey miss class because dem dey give dem free pad for dia periods. Dem dey also teach dem how dem fit make reusable pads.”

Dis Dunbai awardd na di second high profile accolade Ms Qabale dey get as for 2019, she win di Global Citizens’ People’s Choice Award for New York.