Deborah Samuel: Sokoto State government declare curfew after youths protest arrest of suspects wey allegedly kill Deborah ova blasphemy accusations

Sokoto State governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal don declare 24-hours curfew across di state wey dey north-western Nigeria afta protests by youths happun on Saturday.

Di governor say di directive na to ensure say dem restore “peace and order for Sokoto metropolis and di entire state.”

Protests break out for Sokoto for morning as youths continue to express anger over di alleged abusive remark wey lead to di killing of female student on 12 May, 2022.

Dem want police to release di two suspects wey dem arrest in connection to di death of di female college student, Deborah Samuel.

Ms Deborah, na student of Shehu Shagari College of Education for Sokoto state, she die on Thursday wen angry mob kill her as dem accuse her say she allegedly blaspheme against Prophet Muhammad.

Young men and women for di protests wey happun for various places across Sokoto burn tires, some also gada for di entrance to di state goment building.

According to BBC Hausa, di protests bin initially peaceful, but later turn violent, as pipo begin throw stones at di Sultan residence.

Di killing on Thursday don dey widely condemned by both Muslims and Christians across Nigeria.

Di most senior Islamic religious leader for di kontri, di Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar, wey dey based in di city, describe di violence as ”unjustified” and call on di authorities to bring di perpetrators to justice while e call for calm.

Also, police for di north-western Nigerian state bin tok say dem don arrest two suspects- both of dem students of di college – and dem say dem dey track down more as investigation into wetin happun for Shehu Shagari College of Education wey lead to di killing of Deborah Samuel continue.

Authorities shut down di college indefinitely and order say make all students go home immediately.

Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari don also strongly condemn di killing of Deborah as im say di news of di killing of di young woman by fellow students na ”matter of concern and demand impartial, extensive investigate into all di tins wey happun before and during di incident.”

How Deborah Yakubu take die

One tori pesin wey base for Sokoto bin tell BBC Pidgin wetin happun.

“Dis morning [on Thursday] around 9:00am problem start afta one female student of di school allegedly insult di name of dia holy prophet,” di journalist tok.

“So some student for di campus drag her out from her hostel and start stoning her and some dey beat hear wit stick. Dem kill her and set her bodi on fire.

Viral videos on social media dey show footage wey be like di same account of dis Sokoto tori pesin.

However, BBC Pidgin no fit independently verify di content of both di viral videos and voice notes.

Di tori pesin add say; “From wetin I see, di student use dia WhatsApp group to make di comment”

“Dem set up di WhatsApp group for discussing academic activities and oda tins, so one student post something on religion on dat group”

“So di female student comment ontop di mata and in di process of commenting and condemning di action of dat student, she den use di ‘blasphemous’ words.

Wetin be blasphemy and wetin di law tok about am?

Blasphemy na di action, offence of speaking out of place – sacrilegiously, insulting God or sacred tins.

To say sometin bad about God or use im name in vain.

Imam Yusuf say no section of di Quran support say make anyone kill im broda or sister.

E further explain say those wey “kill Deborah be criminals and dia action no represent any religion.”

On wetin Islam define as blasphemy, e say “di word blasphemy no get root for Islam and Quran and so di Quran no get any punishment for anytin like blasphemy.”

Meanwhile di Digital Imam Sheik Nuer Khalid dey of di view say even though di punishment for those wey blaspheme against di prophet and di Quran na death, di responsibility to kill no dey for di hands of any pesin.

“Di pipo no get di right to kill Deborah and dem for either report am to di competent court of law to trial her for blasphemy.”

Oga Khalid further explain give say blasphemy for Islam “na wen pesin insult di holy prophet or oda holy places or di Quran.”

Meanwhile di customary law against blasphemy dey for Section 204 of di Criminal Code of Nigerian law book.

Dat section forbid any act wey publicly insult any religion and put a prison sentence of up to two years as penalty.