Mother’s Day: Jill Biden visit Ukraine unannounced


US First Lady make an unannounced visit to Ukraine Sunday, her spokesman tok.

Jill Biden meet her Ukrainian counterpart Olena Zelenska for a school wey dey shelter civilians.

Those wey dey dia include children wey dey displaced by di conflict.

“I want to come on Mother’s Day. I feel say e dey important to show di Ukrainian pipo say did war gatz to stop…

“And dis war don dey brutal and say di pipo of di United States stand wit di pipo of Ukraine,” Madam Biden tell reporters.


One US official wey join bodi for di visit also tok say na Zelenska’s first public appearance since Russia invade Ukraine on February 24.

Zelenska thank Biden “for this very courageous act”.

“Because we understand wetin e take for di US First Lady to come here during a war when tdi military actions dey take place every day.

“Wia di air sirens dey happun every day even today,” she tell Biden.

Zelenska stressed di symbolic importance of Biden’s Mothering Sunday visit.

“We also feel your love and support during such an important day,” di Ukrainian First Lady tok.


Following a meeting behind closed doors, di first ladies join local children inside a classroom.

For di classroom dem craft cardboard and tissue paper bears as presents for dia mothers.

Biden and Zelenska both craft dia own bear, using white and yellow tissue paper.

Afta di unannounced visit to Ukraine, Jill Biden return to Slovakia.


Jill Biden profile

Dem born Jill Biden on June 3, 1951, for Willow Groove, Pennsylvania.

Jill Biden marry two times for her life. She get three children, two na from oga Joe late wife while di third one na she born am.

She marry her her first husband Bill Stevenson wey be former college footballer for February 1970.

Jill and her first husband separate for 1974, come divorce for 1975.

Inside di same 1975 she meet Senator Joe Biden and dem marry for on June 17, 1977.

She be teacher

Madam Jill na professional teacher.

She get PhD for education from di University of Delaware for 2007.

She dey married to Joe Biden, di number 47 vice president of di United State between 2009 and 2017 and serve as second lady of di United State during dat period.

Jill write children story book for Joe

Madam Biden bin write children story book about her husband Joe wey she call Joey. She publish am for June 2020.

Di book tok about her husband wen im still be small pikin and all di suffer wey im bin pass through.

Olena Zelenska profile

Ukraine-Russian war: Olena Zelenska, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky wife profile

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Olena Zelenska use her social media profile to highlight wetin dey happun for Ukraine

From wia she dey jeje, Olena don use her social media profiles to highlight di suffering of Ukrainians.

Di First Lady of Ukraine don also use am to shed light on di rapidly changing situation for di kontri.

“At least 38 children don already die for Ukraine and dis figure fit dey increase dis very moment sake of di shelling of our peaceful cities.”

Na wetin she write on Instagram, wia she get over two million followers.

“We need corridors for di hottest cities for Ukraine right now! Hundreds of children die for basements without food and medical care.”

She also tok di same tin her husband don dey tok.

(Humanitarian corridor na temporary route or area, wey dey allow di safe movement of civilians or refugees out of conflict zones and di passage of humanitarian aid).

Olena grow up for Kryvyi Rih, one city for central Ukraine, wia her husband also grow up.

Di 44-year-old study architecture and law for Kryvyi Rih National University.

But later change course to pursue screenwriting alongside her husband, one budding comedian and law student.

Ukraine-Russian war: Olena Zelenska, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky wife profile

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The 44-year-old study architecture and law for Kryvyi Rih National University

Olena Zelenska role as Ukraine first lady

Since she become a first lady, Olena don meet world leaders and royals and be ogbonge campaigner for women rights, reforming di kontri nutrition system for schools.

She don always be advocate for celebrating Ukrainian culture through her work to spread di Ukrainian language across di world.

Now as her kontri dey at war wit Russia, she don use her platform to address di world media.

For one open letter, to mark International Women’s Day (8 March), she condemn di “mass murder of Ukrainian civilians” despite Russian efforts to portray di war as a “special operation”.

She focus on child casualties, dey mention di names of three children wey don die for di bombardments.

She say Ukraine wan peace but go defend im borders and im identity.

During di invasion, Olena bin don dey post messages of support for Ukrainians on social media.

She don express how she admire di different roles women don play for di war effort, from those on di frontline, to women for bomb shelters dey give birth or caring for children.