Khafi Kareem: UK police give written warning to former Big Brother housemate for her appearance on Reality TV show

Khafi Kareem

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PC Khafilat Kareem spend 77 days for di Big Brother house for Lagos

UK police don give written warning to former Big Brother housemate Khafilat Kareem wey appear on di show without permission from her bosses.

PC Khafilat Kareem bin dey serve for UK as Metropolitan Police officer wen she apply to be part of di show for 2019.

One misconduct hearing wey dem open for her case rule say make dem give Khafi as she dey known for Nigeria written warning after dem find her guilty of gross misconduct.

She enter di Big Brother house for Lagos in June 2019 and last 77 days before dem evict her.

Di misconduct panel, wey sit for Empress Building for west London, find out Khafi break di standards of professional behaviour wey relate to “orders and instructions” and “discreditable conduct”.

Following di panel conclusion, Det Ch Supt Andy Day tok say: “Dem refuse PC Kareem to appear on di Nigerian version of Big Brother as dem feel say e no dey di best interest for either her or di Metropolitan Police Service to take part for di show.

“Despite dis refusal, she still go ahead to partake for di show anyway.

“Di Met Directorate of Professional Standards carry out detailed investigation wey conclude say PC Kareem need to face gross misconduct proceedings.

“To be police officer mean say you must abide by di standards of professional behaviour. PC Kareem behaviour clearly fall far short and dem don give her final written warning.”

Khafi bin admit to one misconduct allegation of surrendering her work laptop to di producers of Big Brother, but bin deny three other misconduct allegations.

For June 2019, she request for unpaid leave to appear on di show.

Although dem permit her to take di leave, dem no permit her to take part in di show.

Earlier dis week, di tribunal hear PC Kareem contact Deputy Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist on 30 June hours before she go on di programme to ask am to reverse im decision for her not to go on di programme.

Mr Twist voice concerns over PC Kareem welfare, her conduct and di public image of a serving Met Police officer on a reality TV show.

Her superior Ch Supt Jason Gwillim say di following day im come dey aware say Khafi don enter di Big Brother house and dem bin no fit contact her until September.

Im tell di hearing say im concerns come shift towards her welfare as national media come begin to pick up on di story.