Chrisland School girl video tape: Lagos DSVA, Police investigate Chrisland, tins we learn

Chrisland School girl viral video latest update be say Lagos State police don invite involved parties.

Police for Lagos tell BBC Pidgin on Tuesday say those wey dey involved go show face for dia office.

Those invited gatz to explain wetin dem sabi about di alleged sexual violence case.

Di invitation dey come barely 24 hours afta di Commissioner of Police order immediate investigation into one Chrisland School girl viral video.

Growing anger dey across Nigeria since one viral video wey involve two pikins alias minors appear online.

Tori be say dem appear to allegedly engage in wetin di school management call sexual misconduct.

Benjamin Hundeyin, di Police tok-tok pesin say investigation don sharperly begin on di matter.

“Dem go come di State Criminal Investigation Department. Di case na hot case and e go dey express.”

Hundeyin however say e no fit give furher information wey go jeopardize di investigation.

E no comment on weda di minors involved for di matter follow for pipo wey go appear for police station.

Chrisland, na private secondary school wey get four campus for Lagos alone.

Chrisland School girl viral video – Key tins we learn

Child pornography and parenting na some of di issues wey rise from Chrisland School viral video mata wey Lagos authorities dey investigate.

Authorities for Nigeria commercial capital dey join bodi dey investigate di case.

Lagos State Ministry of Education, Office of Education Quality Assurance, Ministry of Youth and Social Development, Ministry of Justice and di Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency [DSVRA] join bodi.

Lagos goment warn say those wey share video risk 14 years jail term

Lagos State Goment don warn members of di public to avoid di distributing video of students of Chrisland Schools wey engage in di allege sexual act.

Authories say di act of sharing such video footage amount to child pornography and fit attract up to a 14-year jail term.

Di goment say; “We also use dis medium to remind di general public of di implications wey concern to dey engaged ontop any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct wey involve a child.

Say dat pesin “commit offence wey dey liable to prison sentence of fourteen (14) years.”

“Dis include producing, distributing, receiving, or possessing image of child pornography.”

Chrisland School girl video however go viral

Despite di goment warning, di Chrisland School girl video go viral ontop social media platforms – na action wey fit risk penalty of prison sentence.

Recall say na few days ago, wey reports of one video begin circulate social media platforms wia school pikins alias pupils of di private school wey dey Victoria Garden City, Chirsland School.

Tori be say di alleged sexual acts bin happun during one trip to Dubai for di World School Games between March 10 and 13, 2022, but police say dis informate dey subject to investigation.

But one unverified statement wey dey circulate online, believed to be from Chrisland School VGC, claim say wetin happun na consensual Truth/Dare game wey go haywire.

Lagos Police dey investigate Chrisland School

Lagos State Commissioner of Police, CP Abiodun Alabi announce on Monday dem dey investigate di viral Chrisland School video.

Police tok-tok pesin, Benjamin Hundeyin say;

“Di attention of di Lagos State Police Command don dey drawn to one alleged rape video wey purportedly show students of Chrisland School Lagos, go viral on social media.”

“Di Command don begin investigations into di mata with view to establish di identities of di players for di video.”

SP Hundeyin say dem go do unbiased investigation to sabi di true incident for di video and di geographical location of di incident.

Dem go find out di alleged threat to life against one student of di school and circumstances surrounding di alleged repeated pregnancy tests wey dem conduct on one student without parental consent.

Chrisland School girl mother do video react

Following di incident, tori be say di school authorities suspend di female student indefinitely.

However, one woman wey claim to be di Chrisland School girl mother, post video.

For di video she claim say her daughter bin dey allegedly sexually abused by students of di school.

But dis na mata wey authorities dey investigate.

Lagos shutdown Chrisland School

Lagos State goment don announce di immediate shut down Chrisland Schools.

Di order affect all branches of di school inside Lagos until further notice, sake of di incident.

Parenting vs Schooling trend

Di Chrisland School girl video mata spark huge conversation about parenting vs schooling.

Many social media users wey comment on di mata tok say di job of parenting gatz need serious approach.

But some oda users believe wetin happun na 100% case about school.

Now eyes go dey on police and Lagos authorities wey dey investigate di mate.

Expectations na for dem to make sure say adequate medical and pscyho social support dey provided to those involved and say justice dey served.