Warere beach hotel google review: Zanzibar Police say Zainab Oladeheinde wan spoil market

Zanzibar police on Monday claim say Zainab Oladehinde wan spoil dia image.

Zainab, na Nigerian lady guest of Warere beach hotel in April 2021 but she claim say her vacation become a sad experience.

She bin allege say pesin sexually harass am for di hotel to di point of near rape.

Zanzibar Police reply Zainab Oladeheinde

Zanzibar police on Monday say Zainab dey try to scata dia tourism sector and spoil di image of police.

Di police release statement days afta she put up series of post for Twitter thread.

Dem say Zainab bin get all di support for justice but bin demand say she must collect $10,000 compensation from di hotel.

Di police say dem bin name two suspects for her case, who dem later release sake of lack of evidence.

21 year old Ezekiel Petro Josef and 23 year old, Mohamed Juma Khamis, na im di police name.

Martin Otieno wey be Police Commander North Unguja, say;

“We dey wonder why di claims dey come afta one year?

“We see am as sabotaging di tourism sector, and to spoil di image of di police.

“And so we advise make Zainab come back to Tanzania so we go fit support am and make sure say she get justice”.

Di district police commissioner for di area, Sadifa Juma bin follow BBC tok say;

Afta dem tell am about di incident, di first tin im bin do na to relocate Zainab go anoda hotel and give her full time security during her stay.

Oga Juma say e bin give am accommodation, food and protection as her case bin dey in progress.

For update Zainab release for Twitter, she thank oga Sadifa for im help and explain how di $10,000 compensation bin come about.

She also reveal say di reason she bin no fit stay for Tanzania to continue with di case na sake of say, she bin extend her stay for di kontri by two weeks sake of di case.

And she bin need to go back Nigeria sake of her work, Zainab add.

Warere beach hotel Zanzibar and Zainab Oladeheinde: Wetin don happun so far?

On Saturday. Nigerian Twitter user, Zainab Oladehinde bin go online to tok about how pesin almost rape am and tiff her money for her solo birthday vacation last year.

Warere Beach hotel, wia she bin book to stay also comot statement to agree say dem in dey aware of di incident, and how dem offer to help am as well as wetin di viral thread don do dia business.

Zanzibar Commission for Tourism say dem don begin investigation on top di mata.

Nigeria official comment on Zainab experience

Head of Nigeria in Diaspora Commission don chook mouth for di mata.

Abike Dabiri-Erewa for statement say she go escalate di mata give di Tanzania High Commissioner to Nigeria.

Warere beach hotel Zanzibar reply Zainab Oladehinde

Warere beach hotel Zanzibar release statement wey dem also admit say di mata enta go through di Zanzibar Nungwi police.

Di hotel add say di mata bin also pass through di District Commissioners Office, Regional Commissioners Office.

And di office of di Second Vice President of di goment of Zanzibar hear wetin happun, afta which Zainab no gree move di case further. Dem add.

Warere Beach claim say “di police report bin show say di mata na personal case, and no be say Warere bin dey negligent”.

Dem bin add say, “We tell Zainab Oladehinde say di hotel go abide by any damages wey di court system for Zanzibar rule.”

Dis na as dem hala on top di negative reviews wey dem don receive by pipo wey neva visit di hotel before.

Warere beach hotel reviews

Warere beach hotel Google rating don drop from 4.5 to 1.2.

Di Warere beach hotel reviews drop within hours afta @zanaibdehinde tweet her experience.

Zanzibar Commission for Tourism reaction

Commission for Tourism for Zanzibar don release dia own statement say dem don start to investigate di mata.

Di Commission say “We dey shocked and disappointed to learn about dis mata and dey take di allegation very seriously”.

Dem promise say dem go report on di findings of dis investigation.

Dem condemn any harm or threats to visitors to di “peaceful islands of Zanzibar”.