Ola Rotimi: Fun facts about Nigerian playwright wey Google dey honour wit doodle on im 84th birthday

Ola Rotimi

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Google don do doodle to honour Nigerian scholar, playwright and foremost dramatists, Ola Rotimi to mark im posthumous 84th birthday.

Ola Rotimi pass away at di age 62.

Popular among di late playwright works na di book ‘The Gods are not to Blame’.

E make very big impact on Nigerian theatre as director wey shape political thought around colonialism, di Nigerian Civil War and postcolonial society.

Who is Ola Rotimi?

Dem born am as Emmanuel Gladstone Olawale Rotimi on 13 April, 1938.

Im be di son of Samuel Enitan and Dorcas Oruene – an Ijaw mama and Yoruba papa.

Im study for Port Harcourt and Lagos, before e travel go di United States for 1959 to study for Boston University.

Afta e receive B.A. for fine arts for 1963, e attended di Yale School of Drama (M.A., 1966), wia e concentrate on playwrighting.

Ola Rotimi marry Hazel Mae Guadreau for 1965.

Throughout im career, im write and direct dozens of plays and short stories wey examine Nigeria ethnic traditions and history.

Even thou e train for Western theatrical tradition, e kontinu to try to break away from am and connect wit homegrown theatre practices.

E go apply local costumes, geographical settings, song and dance feature wella for all im major productions.

For di 1960s, im start teaching for di University of Ife (wey don become Obafemi Awolowo University) for Nigeria wia im found di Ori Olokun Acting Company and Port Harcourt.

Sake of di political conditions for Nigeria, Rotimi spend much of di 1990s for di Caribbean and di United States, wia im teach for Macalester College for St. Paul, Minnesota.

Ola Rotimi books and plays

Some of im plays and books wey pipo sabi be:


  • Stir the God of Iron
  • Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again
  • The Gods Are Not To Blame
  • Kurunmi
  • Grip Am
  • Invitation into Madness


  • Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again
  • Akassa You Mi
  • Holding Talks: A Play
  • Hopes of the Living Dead – The adventures of Mr.B

Ola Rotimi pass away on 18 August, 2000.