Nkechi Blessing husband: Falegan Opeyemi David don end relationship with Nigerian actress?

Nigerian actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday don comot to hala about her former politician bobo, Falegan Opeyemi David.

Dis dey comot afta di CEO of di Non-profit organisation ODF foundation, go Instagram live to tok say: “I no be anybody’s husband”.

Di two bin announce dia marriage last year but dem don since delete di lovey-dovey pictures wey dey popular for dia Instagram.

Afta di declaration wey oga Falegan make, di Yollywood actress comot for her social media page to lay some accusations for im head.

Nkechi hala say na she first comot hand for di relationship since last year and no be im leave am. “you no fit date and Nkechi leave, I go leave you when I ready or I go leave you wen I do tire,” she tok.

Tori be say di two of dem marry for 2020 but na for June, 2021 di actress post pictures of di wedding.

Nkechi Blessing Sunday biography

Nkechi Blessing Sunday na Nigerian actress and producer. She also dey work as social media influencer.

Nkechi blessing don feature for plenti feems like Fate of Alakada, The Ghost and The Tout, and Omoge Lekki wey she follow act for.

Recently di join body of actors and movie makers for Yoruba movie industry wey be Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria, [Tampan] bin ban her on top her remarks about di association.

Di mata happun for June, 2021.

Who be Falegan Opeyemi David?

Falegan Opeyemi David describe imself as Ekiti state prospective govnor.

E be di oga of one CEO of di ODF Foundation wey im dey take do im philanthropy work for Ekiti state.

Although e clain say e don dey part of di Royal Air Force, im LinkedIn profile put am say e don dey work as Analyst for Adobe since October.

Timeline of dia relationship

Di couple first start to dey show demselves for social media from her birthday for February 2021.

Howeva, no be until June 2021, Nkechi Blessing Sunday announce say she marry am for Instagram stories to celebrate im birthday.

Di couple dey popular for posting lovey-dovey content for dia social media like di one wey catch pipo attention wey be wen she lick im leg.

Tori be say di marriage bin happun for 2020 afta she born her son, King Novah for 2019.

For dat same June, oga Falegan bin hala against Tampan afta dem sama ban on Nkechi.