Ukraine news now: Nigerian man say e wan fight to get ‘revenge’ against Putin

Vladimir Putin and Prince Nkem Nduche

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Nkem wey don live for Russia for five years and e dey speak dia language well-well tok how e bin join di Russia Military Academy

E don reach two weeks now wey Russia invade Ukraine on 24, February, 2022.

As di mata dey happun, Ukraine President Volodymr Zelensky call for help. E say di kontri go accept pipo from oda kontris wey go joinbodi wit Ukraine Army to fight Russia.

“Every friend of Ukraine wey want to join Ukraine in defending di kontri, please come over. We go give you weapons … Everyone wey dey defend Ukraine na hero.”

As dat tori spread like wildfire, some retired Nigeria sojas and oda pipo for Abuja di Nigeria capital come out to declare dia intention.

Di men, storm di Ukraine Embassy for Abuja, to put down dia names inside register wey di embassy bin provide.

One of dem na Prince Nkem Nduche, wey from Ogbaru Local Goment area for Anambra State, Eastern Nigeria.

E tell BBC Pidgin why e wan join Ukraine Army.

Nkem wey don live for Russia for five years and e dey speak dia language well-well narrate say e bin join di Russia Military Academy, and na only im be black man for di Academy dat time, e don stay Ukraine too, so e sabi di area well.

Why Russia dey invade Ukraine?
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‘Why I wan fight against Russia’

E tok say e no go ever forget wetin e eye see for Russia, as some pipo sama accuse for im head wey make am land for Prison, e allege say “Putin order make dem put me for prison”

“Wetin Putin do me for Russia I no go forget am, na im make I wan join Ukraine Army to take revenge on Russia”

E say Putin give di order sake of say as small boy wey im be dat time, e no know wetin dey happun for life and politics so e waka go American Embassy, na dia kasala start.

“As a small boy wey I be dat time, I dey around 18-19 years wen I join di Russia Military Academy, I no know wetin dey happun for life and di world, I no know say Russia get issue wit America na im I waka go American Embassy, immediately dem see me dey come out from dia, dem sama accuse for my head say I don jump train, say I dey work as spy for di American pipo, which kain yeye tok be dat, na so dem put me for jail and I don be 19 years wen e happun.

Nkem Nduche wit im friend for Russia

Nkem Nduche wit im friend for Russia

Di tin still dey pain me till now, I neva forget am. Wen I comot from jail, I get to find my way comot from Russia sake of say dem want me to become dia full soja but me I no want. Wen dem don teach you plenti tins dem no go wan leave you again.” E tok.

How e take comeback Nigeria

E say as e comot from jail e just dey find im way to comot from di kontri, and di Russian Military no know wen e jakpa.

“Dem no even know wen I jakpa comot from di kontri, becos I feel say if I tell dem say I wan go dem fit harm me. Na dis same Ukraine border I use escape until I find my way come back Nigeria.

I get friends for dia well-well and my classmates dem, becos I study Technology for one of dia Institution for St. Petersburg, I come back to Nigeria seven years ago” e explain.

But e tok say goment don put sansan for e garri sake of wetin dem tok say no Nigeria dey permitted to go fight as mercenary for Ukraine.

I dey dual citizenship and I bin wan go on my own, but as Nigeria goment don say we no go fit go again I go obey dem.

“I believe say goment dey wise as dem tok dis tin sake of say plenti pipo wey say dem wan go fight for Ukraine wan take style find dia way enta Europe.” E tok.

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Wetin Nigeria goment tok about di mata

Di Nigerian goment don say e no go tolerate di recruitment of im citizens as mercenaries to support Ukraine fight against Russia.

Nigeria foreign affairs ministry spokesman Francisca Omayuli inside statement say Nigeria dey in toks with Ukraine to stop such move.

“As a responsible member of di international community and consistent with our obligations under international law, Nigeria discourage di use of mercenaries anywia in di world and no go tolerate di recruitment, in Nigeria, of Nigerians as mercenaries to fight for Ukraine or anywia in di world,” Omayuli tok.

“Di Federal Goment go continue to engage with di Embassy of Ukraine for Nigeria and oda relevant authorities to prevent dis possibility.”

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Wetin Ukraine tok

Second Secretary for di Ukraine Embassy for Nigeria Bohdan Soltys tok say:

“First of all Ukraine no invite mercenaries, we receive plenty phone calls from Nigerians wey say dem wan join di Ukrainian Army to fight Russia. We tell dem say di issue na wetin dem go discuss wit di authorities of Ukraine, say our Embassy no fit do anytin for dem”

“We no dey recruit mercenaries, we no dey offer help to volunteers to go Ukraine.

Initially, wen dem bin first come, we kolet dia phone numbers come promise dem say we go get back to dem, but we know say we no go call dem back. We no dey recruit pipo, we appreciate dem but NO.

I tink say misunderstanding bin dey somewhere and we no tell dem to pay one thousand dollars for transportation to Ukraine” E tok.